Monday, October 26, 2009

An Afternoon Outing

I met Luke after work today so that we could head over to White House Farms again. We went specifically to pick out our pumpkins, and to eat a doughnut :-)

We picked out two fat, orange pumpkins,
Grabbed a few things inside, including DOUGHNUTS (Luke got a plain vanilla w/ sprinkles doughnut, and I got a mocha doughnut. Not as good as my apple cider w/ cinnamon frosting doughnut, but definitely one of the best I've eaten in my life :-))
And we enjoyed what is sure to be one of the last days with all these beautiful leaves STILL on the trees. They're all falling down like crazy!I'm not sure when we will have time to actually carve the pumpkins, but I'm excited! Luke is making some kind of Cleveland Cavs themed pumpkin, and I'm not sure what I'll make. I wanted to make a Wicked (the musical) pumpkin or a Twilight or Harry Potter one, but I think that just might be too difficult for my simple skills :-P We shall see!

Remember - only 1 week until the deadline for the photo scavenger hunt!! I hope you're collecting those photos! I have all of mine except for the "Trick or Treat" one ;-) (And if you're someone I know in "real life" and you want to participate but don't have a should probably just start a blog so you can enter! Don't forget, there are prizes! ;-))


  1. Ahh! I completely forgot about the scavenger hunt! Thanks for the reminder! The doughnuts look A-mazing!

  2. Brandi Leigh BonfertOctober 26, 2009 at 9:38 PM

    My mom and I took my little sister to pick out a pumpkin at White House yesterday! It's so beautiful there and we took a horse ride through the orchards which was really nice : ) However, my sister picked out the Charlie Brown of all pumpkins hahaha

  3. Wonderful photos!! Oh my, the trees look fake! Doughnuts..sounds so yummy...have not had one in FOREVER! :-)

  4. Gracious, if I ever visit Ohio, I am getting one of those donuts. They look so good!
    And I got all my pics for the scavenger hunt! It was pretty fun. *grin*


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