Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Things I Learned

...While I was sick (I think I'm pretty much recovering now, so YAY!)

1. The BRAT diet is not fun after about 12 hours. If I have to look at any more bananas, rice, applesauce, or toast, I think I will get sick. Again.

2. Vitamin Water is something I never want to taste again. I bought some yesterday thinking it would help me restore all of the vitamins and important things I had been losing from my body, and EWWW. Never again.

3. Sugar and caffiene make me feel good. I was finally able to eat some sugary things and drink som pop after work today since I thought my stomach could handle it, and I feel so much better! I feel like I'm actually awake now :-)

4. Laughter really is the best medicine. I watched The Office every hour that I was lying in bed, trying to get my body to finally get better. I am completely obsessed with that show now, and I think it's HILARIOUS. Not sure why I never watched it before, but I'm glad I discovered it!

5. I have a sweet husband. Not only did Luke pretty much fend for himself for the past week as far as food goes, but last night he also did the dishes! I always do the dishes, and the fact that he did it without being asked pretty much made my night :-)

6. When you recover from the flu, it feels like you get a new lease on life. I NEVER get sick like this, and I've especially never been sick like this for 10 days. So I want to go out and conquer the world now :-P

7. The stomach flu is a good weight-loss system. I think I lost approximately 3 pounds, and also a lot of water weight from my body. For the first time in about 6 months, I can remove my wedding ring from my finger. Not that I would want to ;-)

8. When you're sick and a newlywed, people automatically think you're pregnant. Trust me, I would have put up with this a lot better if that was the reason for the sickness!

And that's what I learned. Oh, and I also think I learned to be a bit of a germ-a-phob. I never want to be this sick again, and am consequently washing my hands approximately 87 times a day :-P Better safe than sorry, right??


  1. You're so right. Going without coffee for five days was one of the hardest things about it, wasn't it?

    And yeah, when I told co-workers about the throwing up, they all gave me The Look, the "Are You Sure It's Not Morning Sickness?" look.

  2. I was thinking about you today wondering how you were feeling. Glad you are BETTER!

  3. Vitamin water definitely has a weird taste...and an even stranger after taste! I'm glad you are feeling better and that you have fallen in love with The Office, it's my fav!

  4. All these years and I thought my family was the only one who knew about the "BRAT" diet! When my hubby was sick and I told him about it, he had never heard of such a thing.

    Shortly after I was married I was on some medication that made me very nauseated. And yep, everybody thought I was pregnant. Lost about four pounds, but felt like crap for two weeks until I was able to get off the med. Stuff like that wouldn't be so bad if you had a baby inside! LOL

    Glad you're feeling better!

  5. So glad you're feeling better!

    I worked for a Dr's office who first told me about the BRAT diet. Out of the four I only like the Toast. And Caffeine always makes me feel better.

    Luke is a keeper for sure. I love it when I find my hubby washing dishes without me asked to. ;)

  6. Oh, I hate that when people assume you're pregnant just because you're sick! Why can't a girl just be sick? Haha!

  7. So glad you're feeling better!! I have never heard anyone refer to it as the BRAT diet. Thats funny. Can't believe you just started watching The Office. LOVE that show!! You should get caught up on the episodes!


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