Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Little Bit Jealous

In a little over a month, my husband is going to be living one of his dreams. I think I've mentioned that he and his band are leading worship for a big weekend youth convention in Cleveland called Youth Explosion. I attended every year from 7-12 grade, and it was always the highlight of my year. The band is so excited to be leading worship at this event! And I'm very excited for them. This will be by far the biggest thing the band has ever done, even bigger than when they opened for Remedy Drive last winter.

Other bands playing that weekend are: Remedy Drive (again), Brandon Heath, Run Kid Run, Leeland, and Francesca Battistelli (LOVE her!!)

I was in the car this morning when I heard Francesca Battistelli's newest single (It's Your Life) come on the radio. At 7:15 in the morning, I cranked up the volume as loud as I could stand it, and it REALLY pumped me up for the day :-) Her songs always have a way of doing that to me, and she has become one of my new favorite singers. ("Free to be Me" and "I'm Letting Go" always pump me up, too!)

It was while I was listening to that song this morning that the green monster decided to rear its ugly head. I thought about the fact that Luke would be staying in the same hotel as all these amazing Christian artists. He might run into them, and he definitely might run into them backstage sometime during the weekend. I mean, he's already met and had dinner with the members of Remedy Drive! JEALOUS!

But it's okay. If I pretend that I'm their manager will I be allowed backstage?? Just kidding. Today I emailed the youth pastor at our church and let him know that I'd be interested in chaperoning this year (as I have about 4 times before). Hopefully there is still an open spot so I can at least see Luke's band play during the weekend...even though I won't have all the backstage perks that they will have :-P

Mostly I would want to meet Francesca Battistelli. It would be so awesome to get to talk to the woman that I hear on my radio and iPod all the time! Here is a video of her new single, because I think it's really uplifting!

I guess I will have to live vicariously through the band and their stories. Either way, I really hope to be able to be there for every minute of it! Then I can take hundreds of photos and maybe some videos! I want you all to see them too ;-) So I'm really hoping there's still room for me to be a chaperone! If not, I think I can pass for a middle schooler for the weekend ;-)


  1. I'd be jealous, too! I hope you can meet them all!

  2. Here's hoping you can chaperone! I was able to chaperone a trip to France for my former high school and it was such a blast! Kids just have sooo much energy!

  3. I hope you are able to go!I love hearing those songs that just start your day off just right!

  4. that is way too cool! I love all those people singers! I hope you get to go!!!! How fun would that be?! And congrats to your man!

  5. That's so exciting! I really like Francesca Batistelli - I bought her CD and it's really good. I like practically every song in it!

  6. If neither of us end up chaperoning, you can stay with me in the band hotel!! We would have our own room! :-)

  7. Laura, that would be more fun than chaperoning! lol...I just hope I'd still be allowed into the church and everything.


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