Monday, October 12, 2009

More Fun, Fall Plans

I am dying to have a scary movie marathon party! I want to invite a bunch of our friends over and make hot apple cider, buffalo chicken wing dip, and these adorable pumpkin pie bites from Bakerella (check out the first link if you have not seen them yet. They are ADORABLE, and look so simple and delicious!) I want to turn out all the lights in the attic and watch scary movie after scary movie some Friday or Saturday night. We did this last year with all of the Saw movies, and we actually made a whole weekend out of it. But this year we are just so busy, I don't know if this is going to work!

I wanted to do it this weekend sometime because I have Friday off from work and I could spend the day getting ready and looking forward to it. But The Power Team is coming to our church from Wednesday - Sunday this week. It's going to be a big event, and Luke is going to be busy cleaning the church up every night after the service, and I'll be busy working in the nursery some nights (as long as I'm not still sick! I have a cold now after last week's mystery stomach virus). So Luke thinks we will be too busy to do it next week. Plus I'm not sure how many of our friends would be able to come, or would want to come. Sad...but maybe it'll work next weekend, because I really want an excuse to make those Pumpkin Pie Bites!! (Is it weird that I plan a party around food instead of planning food for a party?)

Since we aren't having a party this week, Luke said maybe we could just watch some scary movies with each other when we get home from the church each night. I think this will be great, especially with Halloween right around the corner :-)

Did you catch it earlier when I said I get Friday off from work this week?? It's NEOEA Day (North-Eastern Ohio Education Association Day). We didn't get Columbus Day off, but we get NEOEA Day instead! I'm super pumped, and have lots of plans, yet I plan to stay in. I want to sleep in, take a relaxing bubble bath with candles and the works (one of my 101 list items). I'm also going to try to work my way through the second Harry Potter book that day. Another one of my 101 list items is read a book in one sitting, and I thought a Harry Potter book would be a pretty easy/fun one to read in one sitting. I'm reading all of the Harry Potter books because I decided that if I'm going to be a teacher/have kids, I need to read them. Plus I've just been curious about them for awhile now! Also I'm interested in trying to make butternut squash soup as long as my stomach is still doing okay. I love it and Luke doesn't, so I guess maybe I'll make a bunch and freeze it and then I can take it in my lunch whenever I'm in the mood for it. I'm crossing my fingers that it turns out okay, because I've never made it before! Also, I was thinking about making a complete fondue dinner (also an item on my list!) Or if I decide not to do that, I might try apple dumplings. Then hopefully Luke and I will spend the evening watching scary movies together once we get home from the church. Needless to say, I really can't wait until Friday!!!

Have a blessed week :-D

And stop back tomorrow as I reveal a project that YOU might be interested in!


  1. I love your list you have going! Good Luck on it! Sounds like you will have a wonderful upcoming FRIDAY!!! Have a GREAT week! :-)

  2. Oh, I love butternut squash soup! Enjoy your day off on Friday!
    I'm intrigued - what might I be interested in on your blog tomorrow? I guess I'll have to stop by agian (LOL)!

  3. I have this Friday off, too! But not Columbus Day,either! I'll be thinking of you!

  4. I love the Harry Potter books, I hope you enjoy them. and Wow, the Power Team! I didn't know they were still operating! They presented at our church in like 1997!

  5. How fun!! A Halloween movie with pumpkin bites sounds AMAZING! I hope it works out for you to do it!

  6. I plan events around food too, girl! ha ha


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