Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Girls

I have always considered myself to be a dog person. We always had a dog in the house growing up, and they really were just like another part of our family. My dad always hated cats, so we never had any.

Now that I'm married to a man who likes cats and not dogs, I decided I would give cats a chance. About a year ago, we got Gabby,
And two weeks ago, Ellie came to live with us
And I THINK that I may have been converted. I am now a cat person. But I'm also a dog person. Hmm, I guess you could just call me an animal person.

Gabby and Ellie are both so different. Gabby is definitely the mean feisty cat, and Ellie is the little sweetheart. Gabby has a lot of spunk, and is glad to play at any hour of the day. She has a big personality, and honestly, we have a lot of fun simply making her mad because it's funny. We are mean people.

Ellie also loves to play, but she loves to cuddle even more. We keep her in the bedroom (we're keeping Gabby and Ellie separated until Ellie is a little bigger just in case!) and as soon as someone walks in, she just freezes and stares at you with her huge eyes, and you can hear her start to purr all the way across the room. If you so much as make eye contact with her, she will jump on you, rub up against your face and neck and try to lick you like a dog! Kinda weird, but I think it's sweet. If I lay down to watch TV or read in the bedroom, she immediately sprawls out on me and falls asleep.

I have gotten so attached to both cats this past week while I've been sick! I've spent a lot of time in the bedroom where Ellie will cheer me up with her cuteness and cuddling. And even Gabby has been sweet! It's like she has a 6th sense and knows that I'm not feeling well, because there have been two nights when I've slept on the couch this week so I wouldn't keep waking Luke up in the middle of the night. Both nights, Gabby either slept beside me or on my legs all night, purring most of the time. This is SO not like her! Last night I woke up once to find her laying on my chest nuzzled up as close to my face as she could get. It was such a comfort!

Okay, so all that to say, I feel so blessed by my two little girls :-) (Luke will be so annoyed if he reads this, because he hates it when people insinuate in any way that their pets are their children!) I never thought I would get this attached to two cats, but I have! They have made my puppy fever completely disappear!

So aren't you glad I posted mostly about my cats today instead of being sick? lol I'm getting really tired of thinking/talking/writing about being sick, and you're probably getting sick of reading about it! But there's not much else going on in my life right now. It hit with a vengeance in the middle of the night last night when I thought I had been getting better. Guess I wasn't! But I went back to the doctor today, and they are running some tests. Some of the results will be back tomorrow, and some will be back Monday, so I hope it's something that's treatable with an antibiotic! Because this is just not going away on its own, and I have some REALLY fun plans this weekend that I don't want to miss out on because of being sick!

Isn't it funny that this is the week that I was all pumped up after Bible study about being positive and praiseful all week? I don't think it's just a coincidence that I got extremely sick and that became a lot harder! But I've still been trying to stay positive, and when I'm positive and hopeful, it makes me feel a little better even physically. So I hope whatever situation you're facing this week, you're able to stay positive as well, because it makes a big difference!


  1. Aw, they're so cute! I call my dogs my babies all the time, because they give me something soft and cuddly to love until I have a real baby!

  2. You're babies are really cute! My husband is more of a cat person too, which I was really surprised to find out when we first met. But they are soo cute when they're little!
    I hope you get some good news from the doc!

  3. My dogs are my boys! It's such a love we have our babies!

  4. Cats make my eyes itch but they are sooooooo cute :)


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