Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Spectacular Saturday!

It's been a great day so far! First of all, I got to sleep in, so that was awesome! Then I decided it was time to try to make some homemade butternut squash soup. I was preparing to make it when I realized that I did not have a few of the ingredients I needed. Feeling a little bummed, I posted a status on facebook about how I was unable to make it, but then made some delicious chocolate peanut butter brownies...from a box :-) (They turned out great...much better than when I try to make brownies from scratch! :-P I like living by the KISS method sometimes!)A few minutes after I had popped the brownies into the oven, I got a call from my cousin. She said she had an onion and more chicken stock! Which was precisely what I needed. Thanks, Sarah!

Sarah lives right down the street from me, so I went ahead and walked to her house, taking pictures of the beautiful scenery on the way. Even though it was cloudy and gloomy, the trees still looked absolutely beautiful!

When I got home, I attempted to make my soup. It did not quite turn out right, because I had way too much chicken stock and not enough squash. It was way too watery. I followed the recipe exactly, but apparently my squash was just small or something? I don't know. I plan on buying another squash when we go to White House Farms again tomorrow or Monday (we didn't go today because it was too gross out!) I did taste it though, and it tasted pretty good! So once I get the right amount of squash, I think it will be great :-)

Doesn't this just remind you of Veggie Tales, too? Or is it just me?
Here it is after peeling and chunking it. This was quite the ordeal
About halfway done
I'll post the final picture with the recipe when I get another squash and finish it!

After that, I read a little bit of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and Love and Respect. I'm in such a reading mood today since it's so warm and cozy in here, and yet so chilly and gloomy outside. Right now, Luke and I are watching a Halloween episode of "The Office which is just way too funny :-)

Later tonight, we plan on heading into CiCi's and the movies :-) We love CiCi's because of their cinnamon rolls and unique pizza flavors. Plus there's one right by the movie theater! We are going to see a scary movie since Halloween is in exactly one week!

So overall, it has been a great day! I hope we can head to White House Farms tomorrow and then maybe carve our pumpkins tomorrow afternoon or evening, too. I'm really thinking that this week leading up to Halloween will be excellent! Oh, and last night me, my mom and sister had a girls' night, went to Hot Dog Shoppe for dinner, shopped a little bit, and rented "The Proposal." So I really have nothing to complain about this weekend. It has been great!

And on a side not, is anyone else getting a little bit excited about Christmas? I know the Christmas season doesn't officially start until after Thanksgiving, but I just can't stop myself from being excited about the fact that it will be here before we know it! I've already designed our Christmas cards, and I've been browsing BooMama's 2008 Christmas Tour of Homes for decorating ideas and inspiration. The next step is to start looking up Christmas recipes. I've baked a lot this fall, but I plan to do it a lot more for Christmas! I'm trying to at least wait until my birthday (November 6) before I start breaking out the Christmas music (again...yeah, I listened to my Josh Groban Christmas CD a week ago...I just couldn't stop myself since we were having such wintery weather last week!) I love fall, but Christmas is even better!


  1. I'm so excited about Christmas as well! YAY!

  2. Looks like you are having a wonderful Saturday! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  3. Butternut squash is really hard to chop up. We tried it last year, and it was hard! Derek had to cut it first just so that I could cube it. But the soup is so good . . .
    I'm really getting in the mood for Christmas early this year - I'm not sure why! So yes, I'm excited!


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