Sunday, October 4, 2009

Google is not a Doctor

Today I noticed that I officially have a boil on my neck. EW. I seem to be susceptible to them because I got two last year when I was sick. Not only that, but I have been experiencing flu-like symptoms for over a week. Today I had a very slight fever. I decided that I need to figure out what is really wrong with me. Did I call a doctor? Nope. I took matters into my own hands, and turned to Google where I searched my symptoms.

Have you ever done this? I do it every time I have any teeny, tiny thing wrong with me, and I end up terrifying myself every time. Today was no exception.

It turns out I have a multitude of ailments: staph infection, TSS, Cellulitus, Diabetes, colon cancer, toxic conditions in my blood stream, and I'm dehydrated. Oh, and I'm pregnant.

Okay not really, but the Internet had me convinced for at least a few seconds that I was suffering from all of those.

Lesson learned? Go to a doctor when I'm sick. Don't scare myself looking up symptoms and possible diseases on Google! I probably just have some kind of annoying virus or infection that is taking FOREVER to get out of my system. I keep thinking I'm better when all of a sudden, BAM! hits again. I've decided that if I'm not better by Tuesday, I'll call off and go see my doctor (only because I can't go tomorrow since I have no sub plans ready!)

I hope you take my advice and don't scare yourself when you're sick like I always do! ;-)


  1. Girl you're too funny! I totally go to "DR Google" many times and I'm a nurse! But, man, it's seems like you've had a rough couple of weeks health wise, so maybe you should make some time and go to a real doc. Hope you feel better soon :-)

  2. Before my first surgery I decided to be Dr. Google....not a smart idea!

  3. Google will do that to you! When you said, "Oh, and I'm pregnant" though, I thought for a sec you were serious, just trying to sneak it in there or something! My heart jumped!

  4. sorry, I didn't mean to trick you!! I'm not pregnant though...IF ONLY that were the reason I've been feeling this way!! :-)

  5. Dr. Google, never a good idea... gets your mind going... thinking the worse. I will be praying for you--that you start to feel better! Have a great week! Blessings!

  6. I WebMD all of the time and it freaks me out, every time! hmmm, maybe I should stop that!

  7. Oh gosh I know what you mean!!! I am definitely a hypocondriac. Anytime I hear about something new, I always convince myself that I have it!!!!!


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