Monday, October 19, 2009

White House Fruit Farm

I was planning on spending the entire afternoon cleaning today (my house needs it!!) However, as soon as I got home from work, my mom called with a better offer! She invited me to go to White House Fruit Farm. I had never been there before. Well, apparently Mom took me there a lot when I was little, but never since I've been old enough to remember it! It's basically just a big farmer's market. I love it because just about everything there is locally grown, and I just love searching through all the pumpkins, squash, and other fall foods. I guess they are open year-round, and I really want to go at Christmastime, too!
It's so cute there! The hay bales definitely deserved their own pictures!
Our first stop was the pumpkin pavilion. I bought a few mini pumpkins and some Indian corn.
After that we headed into the main building and spent forever browsing through all the fun stuff inside! Mom's best decision of the day was to buy some fresh donuts. We each got one, and it was definitely the best donut I have ever had in my entire life, hands down.

After we were finished with all of our shopping, we headed down to the lake
Where we enjoyed our delicious donuts. Mine was an apple cider donut with cinnamon frosting. I must have another sometime SOON! ;-)
Then we headed out.
I want to come back with Luke sometime in the next few weeks to pick out our pumpkins to carve, and to eat another donut ;-) I hope this place becomes a family tradition...I know they have fun harvest days and special days around the holidays, too.

As if that were not enough of a GREAT day, we stopped at the Christian bookstore in town on the way home. They had SO many books on sale! I bought 4 for a total of about $16. And one of the books was $11 itself! What a great afternoon :-)Wanna see all my loot from White House Farms? Here's the stuff I bought at the pumpkin pavilion:
Some mini pumpkin candies, baked potato toppings for tomorrow night when we have steak and potatoes, and garlic sesame sticks
And some butternut and yellow squash and sweet potatoes! All for me, because Luke gags at the sight of all three of those things. But I'm planning on making some butternut squash soup on Thursday and frying up some yellow squash to go with dinner tonight.
Now my house is REALLY ready for the rest of the fall festivities and holidays!
I think this is my favorite part
So this is the best Monday I can remember in awhile. Although Luke and I did get some bad news about our needs a new engine. NOT cheap. So far my old crappy Neon has proven to be more reliable that the new Passat which was supposed to last forever. We're not happy. But trying to trust God and not panic.

Happy Monday! Don't forget to keep snapping those pictures for the scavenger hunt!


  1. Oh, I'm sorry about your car's engine! The farm looked gorgeous, and I could just eat up that doughnut!

  2. We really loved reading through Love & Respect when we were dating/engaged. It's a great book that really opens our eyes to some things. Hope you enjoy it.

    That farm is beautiful! And I love the way you have your home set up and all ready for fall.

  3. Oo, that donut sounds yummy! Looks like you got alot of great stuff! Love and Respect was a really good book by they way (I'm sure you remember me mentioning it before. Several times, in fact. *wink).

  4. Callie, I remember you recommending the book, and that's one of the big reasons I bought it! And because it was on sale :-)

  5. I love those mounted candleholders with the pumpkins!

    Praying for cheap and easy car solutions!

  6. I LOVE all the photos you have! Sounds like such a wonderful place! How fun! I just bought Love and Respect too! It is on Of my current books that I am reading! :-)

  7. Wow, the pictures of the lake are beautiful! Makes me want to pack up and visit! :)

    Gotta love good book finds!!

  8. I love going to farm markets like this! I'm going this weekend - can't wait to get my pumpkins!


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