Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another Round of Google Analytics Searches...

With Google Analytics, I can see what keywords people searched for that brought them to my blog. And sometimes they are really funny.

I decided to share some of the funnier ones with you this morning. Here we go:

1. "'experiencing god's dream for your marriage' and study guide answers" ... Looks like someone didn't do their homework!

2. "braces rubberbands" ... I'm confused by this one. Was this person looking for a blog about rubber bands for braces? And what could they have possibly found on my blog pertaining to that? For the record, I did have to wear rubber bands on my braces for about 3 months. Worst 3 months of my life. So gross and painful! Haha...

3. "decorating pumpkins relieves my monday stress from work" ... Does it? Good for you!

4. "Julie og Julia" ... Perhaps "og" means "and" in some foreign language..?

5. "movie reviews of you've got serve." ... I think this person means You Got Served. Imagine this person's disappointment when they clicked on my blog, looking for a review from that movie, and they only found gobs of information on the movie You've Got Mail, instead.

6. "called to serve guessing." ... This confuses me. You are called to serve guessing? Maybe guessing is also the word for some kind of dessert or something. Hmmm. Or maybe you are GUESSING that you are CALLED TO SERVE. That makes more sense ;-)

Teehee....these always make me giggle.

Here are some other words that brought people to my little corner of cyberspace


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