Monday, October 25, 2010

Brilliant Date Night Idea!

Luke and I are in a Bible Study right now about God's Dream for Your Marriage. It's a video series by Chip Ingram. The content is great, and we are really loving the fellowship with our group as well.

A big theme of the study is, naturally, communication. It has been a wake-up call, because I think it made Luke and I realize that we could use some help in that department (and really, who couldn't?) It has also made us examine our differences, and we realized that I like to spend our time together out going new places and trying things. Luke, on the other hand, would rather spend our time together just chilling at home and being with one another. I guess it was maybe causing us a little frustration, and we didn't even realize it.

Anyway, yesterday I had a brilliant idea about how to make things better! I like to think it was brilliant anyway. It's actually a pretty simple idea.

My idea is that we have at least one date, every single week. This is time set aside for the two of us to be together, no distractions. And the best part is that we alternate weeks, taking turns picking out the date. And the other person MUST go along with it. How fun, right?? That way, if I really want to take Luke to Andreas Garden one week (a restaurant with all natural and organic foods), then he must come with me. And the next week, if Luke wants our date to be us sitting in the living room with a pizza watching the Ohio State game, then I have to go along with that.

I think this will be a great way to experience new things with each other. Not only that, but it makes us intentionally plan a time each week that is set aside just for us. Our dates usually consist of us spontaneously going out to the movie theater. This new plan will not only make us think of other places to go, but it will also be something that is planned ahead of time, so we can be looking forward to it. I think it's going to be great.

Luke was nice enough to let me have the first week. haha...I decided that on Wednesday night we will go out and pick out pumpkins, carve them while we drink cider, and then I'll cook chicken pot pie (or attempt to. ha! ) for dinner, and we will eat at the table. We don't eat at the table often enough. I'm really looking forward to it! Then next week it will be Luke's turn to choose, and he will be bed-ridden next week, so we'll probably end up getting some take-out and watching a movie. If I had to guess, that is. haha (Luke has a minor surgery on Tuesday, so he'll be out of commission for about a week).

I think it will be fun to maybe keep our destination a surprise some weeks, too, if I have something really fun planned.

While I seem to be a little more excited about this plan than Luke, I really think he'll enjoy it once we get it going. And if nothing else, it will give me something to blog about each week. Haha...always thinking about blogging :-P


  1. I love this idea! I cannot wait to hear some of the cute ideas you guys come up with...I might have to borrow this idea, if you don't mind!

  2. I think that is a GREAT idea for you and Luke! It's important to focus on the two of you!! :-)

  3. That's a wonderful idea! Communication is our biggest thing to work on too - I think it comes from Derek being a guy and me being a girl! So it'll be something to constantly work at. Can't wait to hear what you do for some of your dates! i think Derek and I need a more structured date schedule - we probably go on one or two dates a month, usually to the movie theater too. I think it would be fun to have to make the effort to think of different things to do!

  4. We've been trying this, too. It's hard some weeks. But it's sooo important!

  5. I totally agree! It's a great idea! I loved, loved, LOVED our date nights, but then my schedule got too hectic and unpredictable and we set them aside for a while. I'm excited to start them again though :-)
    You guys will have so much fun together!


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