Monday, October 4, 2010

Pumpkin Pie Bites

Finally, another installment of my fall recipe series!

Last week I made pumpkin pie bites for our connect group. I found them on Bakerella's website a whole year ago, and have been wanting to make them ever since. Check hers out here. You can find the recipe there, as well.

Of course, mine turned out nowhere near as cute as Bakerella's! But I didn't really expect them to. She has a magic touch, or something. Mine turned out cute enough though, I guess. I did sort of mess up the recipe. Instead of buying canned pumpkin, I accidentally bought pumpkin pie mix (There's a difference, right?? The pumpkin pie mix, I think, already has sugar and other things added). Sometimes I get too rushed at the grocery store! I tried to adjust the other ingredients, but it just didn't quite turn out right. They weren't terrible, but they weren't delicious, either. Next time I will do it right!

Anyway, even though I somehow seemed to butcher these, they turned out to be a hit, nonetheless. I think their cuteness made up for their lack of flavor. Ha! Honestly, I think a little dab of whipped cream on top would have fixed everything. I really wish I had thought of that while I was at the grocery store, too!!

Anyway, anything that uses a pumpkin cookie cutter has to be worth it in my book

After you cut out all the pumpkins, you place them in mini muffin tins

And then fill them with the pumpkin filling, bake them,
And voila...
Not as cute as Bakerella's, but sort of adorable nonetheless. I put them on a tray with pumpkin candies and Halloween Oreos. The orange Oreo filling makes me smile :-D
And I also served cider. I think I could have served the cider alone, and everyone would have been happy. What is better than cider this time of year?! I can't think of too many things.
I love cider. It reminds me of hayrides and carving pumpkins. And my birthday. My mom almost always makes hot mulled apple cider on my birthday in November.


Coming up next in my fall recipe series: Homemade apple pie! Apple crisp! Apple dumplings! Probably not all at the same time, but I am ready to bake with some apples! ;-)


  1. Those look delicious! Mine would never turn out that cute.

  2. Is it just me or do holiday Oreos taste better? :)

  3. Now that looks yummy! you are so creative in the kitchen!!

  4. Those look great, Jessica! And those oreos made me drool, haha.

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