Friday, October 22, 2010

Early Birthday Present

Yesterday I got to open an early birthday present from my wonderful husband! My birthday is not until November 6, but I got to open it early for two reasons: 1.) It is something that I can use now, and 2) Luke is an eager giver, and doesn't like waiting when he has a good present to give!

A package came in the mail yesterday for Luke. He saw it right away when he got home from work, and ran upstairs to wrap it, ran back downstairs, and placed it right in front of me, telling me he'd give me the card in two weeks. He is adorable. Err, I mean, manly and.... strong. Haha. :-P

I slowly unwrapped the paper, and saw an orange box inside. Right away, I knew it was something from AT&T due to the color...

It was a Sony Ericsson! And it's pink! I love it.

It does not have a full keypad, which is something I'll have to get used to again, but it will be the perfect phone to hold me over until my plan is up this May. Why did I need a new phone, you may ask? Well, I was particularly hard on the old one. I dropped it one too many times, and it was to the point where it would shut off every time I would so much as bump it. And apparently it made an annoying buzzing sound that only the person on the other end of the line could hear. I was having to constantly repeat everything I said, because it was so difficult to hear me, I guess!

I am so lucky to have such a sweet husband! One of my {very observant} students saw the pink corner sticking out of my pocket during class today and asked if I got a new phone. I told her that, yes, my husband had given me the phone as an early birthday present. She seemed very surprised, and told me to give Luke props for picking out such a pretty, girly phone for me.

You may be wondering why I was walking around the school with the phone in my pocket. I don't normally do this, but this phone has a step counter! Not only does it count my steps, but it also keeps track of how many calories I've burned during the day while walking. It counts my steps every day and then gives me an average. Sarah came over and we went for a walk after work today, just because I wanted to make the number go higher. Ha! There is also a running feature on the phone which will tell me my distance, time, and average speed. This will come in handy if I ever decide to become a runner ;-)

Overall, I am very happy with my new phone! My husband knows me well!


I have not blogged much this week, so here are some other noteable things going on in my life:
  • I have the worst cough of all time. It is a dry cough that just racks my whole body. I've had it since Sunday, and super hot baths and hot tea are about the only things that make it feel better. What can I say, it's a good excuse to indulge in those things!
  • I finally finished reading This Present Darkness after about 5 years of reading it (okay, more like 2 months). It took me forever to read it, but was definitely worth it. Such a good book!
  • I am now reading Jurassic Park. I read it for my honors English class my freshman year of high school, but I do not remember it being so utterly addicting and completely impossible to put down! I'm glad I'm reading it again, 10 years later. (wow, 10 years?! I'm getting old)
  • I have lots of apples just waiting to be baked into something glorious. I wanted to bake something tonight: apple pie, apple dumplings, or apple crisp. But I realized I'm missing at least one ingredient for all three of those desserts, so I guess I will have to spend my Friday night doing something else. Like watching hours of Netflix movies. Sounds good to me!
  • Two of my friends from work announced that they are pregnant this week, due 10 days apart. Randomly today, a couple of ladies asked me if I am pregnant too. Apparently they thought it was contagious or something. That is a dangerous question to ask. It was awkward telling them "no" and also awkward when they told me I was about due for one. A pregnancy, that is. Umm, okay, I will decide that, thank you. Someone needs to tell the world that not only is it bad manners to flat out ask someone if they're pregnant, but it can also cause hurt feelings. It did for me, at least. I hope they were asking just because they were curious, and not because of my non-flat stomach.
  • Luke and I have a fall wedding to attend tomorrow. It is going to be outdoors, and the reception is at a barn. Well, a reception hall called "The Barn," anyway. I can't wait! If I was not a teacher, and I could have taken a honeymoon during the fall, this is the kind of wedding that I would have wanted.
That is all for tonight. TGIF!


  1. How sweet of him to get you such a lovely phone! And I think it's funny that he couldn't wait to give it to you - sounds like Derek! Ha!
    That was bad manners of that person to ask if you were pregnant and tell you it was about time - you shouldn't say things like that, because you never know if someone is trying or not. People who have never dealt with infertility can be so insensitive sometimes.
    Have fun at the wedding! Fall weddings can be so fun, especially if they're outdoors!

  2. That is so cool you phone is like a pedometer!

    I agree with Callie!

  3. I had the urge to make something fall like also, and ended up using canned peaches for a peach turned out perfectly! Now your post made me want to experiment with apples!

  4. Yay! Nice gift hubby!

    And I'm so sorry about the pregnant inquiries at work. That used to happen to me when I worked as a teacher all the time. It was so hurtful.

  5. What a wonderful gift from your hubby! :-)

  6. I had that phone and LOVED it! :) It's my favorite phone that I've had so far... too bad mine got messed up when my water bottle spilled on it in my purse... Lol.


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