Sunday, October 17, 2010

Week in Review: Fall Fun and Lots of Apples!

Sunday 10/10 - After church, Luke and I rushed into town to buy a few things we needed and to get some Hot Dog Shoppe burgers and fries to-go. Luke had to get home in time for the Browns Game, and that is why we were in such a hurry! While Luke and his friend Stan watched football all day, I decided to make myself scarce (I'm learning to like Ohio State football, but NFL football still just does not interest me). My mom and I went to a fall open-house of sorts. A lady in the area has a barn which she fills with fall, Halloween, and Christmas decorations (mostly primitive stuff), and a few weekends there is an open house upstairs with all kinds of crafts made by people in the community. It was really fun looking at everything, but primitive is just not our style, so we ended up leaving empty-handed. I enjoyed looking at everything, though, and it was such a gorgeous day! On our way home, mom and I stopped at the old school house and Delzell Barn which are pretty much right across the street from my house. They are opened once a year for tours, and it was fun to go through and see all of the antiques and learn some more history about our little town. Most of my relatives on one side of the family came from this town (although, mind you, it is hardly big enough to be called a town), and I feel especially connected to it. My great-great-great- (okay so I'm not sure how many greats, but it's a lot) grandfather was George Fox, who founded the Quaker religion. And this town was founded by Quakers. So that is another reason I feel connected to it. Anyway, I am finally old enough to find those little tours interesting. Ha! After that, I headed over to visit Sarah. It was a gorgeous night, and we spent it walking around the brick streets, looking at beautiful, old, interesting houses in a quaint little section of her town, and talking. I enjoyed looking at the houses so much! We saw one that looked like a clone from the house in England in the movie The Holiday. Anyway, that was my Sunday. And that is the longest paragraph I have probably ever written on this blog :-P

We thought these people were super creepy...
Here's the old schoolhouse right across the road from my house, basically. Isn't it beautiful during the fall?

Monday 10/11 - After dinner, Luke and I headed to his parents' house to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday. We had cake and ice cream and watched Dancing With the was a good night.

Tuesday 10/12 - After work I booked it over to the church to work on the next edition of the campaign newsletter. I was there until the office closed, and then I headed over to the new building with some people to take a little tour. it is really coming along, and it's so exciting to see the progress! I came home and had just enough time to make and eat dinner, and head to our connect group. Which, as always, was very good, and we really enjoyed the fellowship afterward! I came home just in time to watch the season finale of Teen Mom, and cried through every scene with Tyler+Catelynn, Brandon+Teresa, and Carly. Too sweet.
Wednesday 10/13 - After feeling completely burned out all day, I came home and let myself be lazy for an hour or so. It felt great! But all too soon I had to make dinner, and head over to my parents' house to finish up the campaign newsletter (I don't have Microsoft Publisher on my computer, which is why I always have to work on the newsletter at the church or at my parents' house. It's super annoying :-P). After that, I cleaned the house and loved the fact that I only had one more day of work this week!

Thursday 10/14 - After work I headed to the church to finish up some last minute things for the newsletter. Then I headed out grocery shopping and to help my grandma with some things. After that, I was officially in weekend-mode! I ordered pizza for dinner and spent my evening watching movies and relaxing. I stayed up until 2AM! I haven't done that in months or maybe even years!

Friday 10/15 - I slept in until 9:30 and it was glorious. I spent my day being somewhat lazy, and then sometime in the afternoon I got a burst of energy and cleaned the house {partially} despite my earlier vow that I was going to do nothing all day. Ha! After dinner, Luke had basketball, and I enjoyed my evening alone. I watched two movies and read.

Saturday 10/16 - I spent a good chunk of the day learning how to make pie crust, and making apple dumplings with my mom and sister. Although my mom has made plenty of pie crusts, neither of us had ever made apple dumplings, so it was a new experience. We had fun making them while we sipped our hot apple cider. And we snacked on the extra granny smith apples and dipped them in peanut butter/caramel apple dip. Sooo good. I think I ate my weight in apples that day. Anyway, the apple dumplings turned out to be absolutely delicious. They weren't great to look at, but that really didn't matter because they tasted sooo good! After that, I had two campaign meetings at the church, one right after the other. And after that, I headed over to my friend Kristin's. We watched part of Price and Prejudice, the 6-hour A&E version with Colin Firth. We made it through about the first 2.5 hours. We ordered a pizza sometime in there too. Yes, I ate a lot of food on Saturday :-P It was a fun girl's night while Luke was out watching football :-P

Milestones this week: Finished my second campaign newsletter and made my first apple dumplings.

Movies I watched this week: Mr. Mom (B-), When Harry Met Sally (A+), Funny Farm (B+) {Apparently I was in the mood for 80s movies this week}

Books I'm reading this week: The Bible (I Samuel), This Present Darkness - Frank Perretti...just about finished. Seriously, I'm within 50 pages now :-P And I'm starting Jurassic Park next week!

Songs I'm loving this week: Happy - Leona Lewis, Your Hands - JJ Heller, Last Train Home - Ryan Star

Things I'm looking forward to next week: My sister-in-law's birthday, a beautiful, outdoor, FALL wedding for friends from church. It should be beautiful.


  1. Your apple dumplings look pretty good to me! I've been wanting to try making some soon - any good recipe/tips? Also loving that song by JJ Heller.

  2. I love apple desserts!
    Apple dumplings look good!

  3. I just about died laughing when I saw those mannequins in that picture!! Do you watch Gilmore Girls? Well, in season 6 or something like that, they have the SAME mannequins in an old home they make into a museum! Creepy Indeed!

  4. What a busy week! That is really cool you are working on the newsletter!

  5. I've never had apple dumplings, but those look yummy!!! You made me crave some sweet apples! I'm going right now to the apple pie in my fridge :-)

  6. I love applies and I LOVE FALL!! Makes me want to go and get all my fall decor SOON! :-)


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