Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I just have some random things on my mind today, so this post is all over the place. One of my stream-of-consciousness posts

*Luke and I have been watching The Event. We are loving it so far! Very interesting and different. It reminds me a little of Lost. Is anyone else watching?

*Speaking of TV shows, we have also recently tuned in to Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, and The Middle. Funny, funny shows. But...our DVR is quickly filling up with episodes of these shows and others, and honestly it is slightly stressing me out. I don't see how we are ever going to have time to watch all of these shows! I guess we will have to have marathon watchings on the weekends or something.

*Life is slowing down a little bit this week. Last week I had about 2 hours to myself all week, and it was overwhelming! It has been so nice to have some free time this week!

*I think I have an obese cat. Gabby is blowing up like a balloon. It is almost scary. Sarah calls her Fatty Gabby, and I think this is pretty accurate. Ellie, on the other hand, looks like we starve her. I don't get it. (The focus on both of the following pictures is bad, but these are the only current pictures I could find! You can see that there is quite a difference in bmi, even though the pictures don't do it justice).

*I am absolutely frustrated by the fact that I can't read for leisure anymore. As soon as I sit down to read, I maybe make it three pages before my eyelids start weighing 100 lbs each. At least that's how it feels.

*I've been wishing lately that there was a pause button on life. And the only reason is because I want to push pause every morning when my alarm goes off, and then sleep until I feel well-rested. Then I'll hit play again and go about my day. I would have so much more energy, get so much more done, and I'd be able to read again! *Sigh.* if only!

*I am dying to see Life as we Know it. A chick flick with a baby? Yes, please. Hopefully this Friday.

*God is doing some exciting things in my heart and life right now. Who knows what His plans are, but I am excited to find out!

*There are 80 days until Christmas. This makes me unbelievably happy!

That's all for today :-)

Have a blessed Tuesday!


  1. Ha! That's so funny about Gabby and Ellie - Maybe Gabbie is stealing all of Ellie's food . . .

  2. Our DVr is always full. We always give new shows a chance so now we're watching a ton of them... We really should cut back a bit. And I'm already soooo excited for Christmas to be here for more than one reason even though I know we'll ve totally broke this year

  3. Ooh, let me know if you see "life as we know it!" it looks interesting! And we love The Big Bang Theory! So funny!

  4. I want to see "Life as we know it" too. I think I might this weekend! Oh and...I want life to SLOW down a bit...hard for me to get up in the morning!! Ahhh! Enjoy your week!

  5. When you find that pause button, let me know;) I need it too!


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