Monday, January 30, 2012


God is showing me it's okay to just be. I don't have to always be busy, and I don't always have to be worrying about "what's next?"

I've been taking time to "unplug" more often. To put away the distractions and open my eyes.

I have to ask myself: a month ago, would I have seen the gift of raindrops clinging to branches during a January thunderstorm? Would I have recognized the blessing in the little white sheep souvenir brought to me all the way from Dublin? Would I have noticed the simple pleasure of fluffy whipped cream atop a steaming mug of hot cocoa?

I'm not sure that I would have. But last week I did. And that in itself is the biggest blessing.

Just some of last week's blessings:

65. Melted snow

66. January thunder storm

67. Getting to know people in my classes

68. Rest after a long day

69. Lunch date with a friend

70. Unexpected free gift card

71. A little piece of Ireland from my sister's trip
72. Belly laughs

73. Check marks on the to-do list

74. Fun open mic night with friends
75. Cute chocolaty drinks

76. Saturday with nothing on the agenda

77. Days slowly getting longer

78. Warm forecast for most of the week

79. Anticipation of reading a book I've been looking forward to for awhile

80. Beautiful white-out
{it appears we have come full circle, weather-wise, this week}



  1. I love this post! It's so easy to get caught up in your busy-ness and miss all of the small blessings we're gifted with each day

  2. I really want read 1,000 gifts! Love this post and might have to do the same! :)

  3. Your week has been filled with goodness - it's quite amazing what He gives us, isn't it? I'm a substitute teacher too and just hopped over from Ann's blog to visit:) I hope you enjoy the book - our book club read it and we all loved it. May you see God all around this week!


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