Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Resolutions Revisited

In 2011 I made a big list of goals I wished to accomplish during the year. Resolutions, if you will. I didn't share it on the blog, because in years past I had failed miserably. Well, this year I did better than normal, so I thought I'd share now. I guess maybe keeping them secret all year was key??

1. Complete Project 365. Fail. I have tried this two years and failed both times during the summer. Clearly I am not cut out for it, and I've decided not to feel bad about it :-)

2. Read at Least 30 Books. I ready 26 out of 30, and that's pretty good considering the fact that I spent 15 weeks studying during every spare moment and couldn't read for leisure during that time.

3. Complete at least 6 DIY projects. Complete! I actually did 9:

Altered curtains (counting it!)

Made these frames, which I now hate, but that's not the point :-P

Julie's bridal shower banner

This dry-erase to-do list

Rolled paper flowers in frames...one of my favorite projects!

Rolled fabric flowers used for various things

My chalkboard menu

Painted dresser which I'm in love with

Poinsettia Wreath
Is it just me, or do they get better as the year went on? I hope that means my 2012 projects will be better still :-)

4. Lose 10 pounds. Well, I guess I kind of get half credit for this one. In the spring and summer I was doing great, counting calories, and swimming laps every day. I lost 9 lbs! ...and then gained them all back in the fall when I started drinking coffee (with lots of sugar and fancy creamers) and maybe eating a lot when the stress of studying became overwhelming as well. I really need to work on this.

5. Figure out what I'm going to do about the job situation. Complete! I knew I needed a change in my life, and I made it when I quit my job and went back to school full time!

6. Buy a dSLR camera and an iPhone. Half credit. I bought the iPhone but not the camera.

7. Finish reading the Bible. Fail. And to be honest I've really been struggling with my daily reading as well. I hope to improve in this area this year.

8. Cook/bake/make at least 30 new dishes. Complete! I actually made 34 brand new (to me) recipes last year! I think that's pretty great :-) I mostly have Pinterest to thank. I listed them with links and starred my top 10 favorites. Because I have OCD.

penne, sausage, and peppers dish
pretzel-Rollo sandwiches

I think I made out pretty well last year with my resolutions! The reason I made so many was so that I knew I'd at least accomplish a few of them ;-) I'm keeping it simple this year with my one, solitary resolution of recognizing God's blessings and giving thanks for them.


  1. I have failed doing Project 365 the past two years also. I think the whole carrying around my camera, uploading the pictures to my computer, editing them and creating the blog posts for them got me down. I'm giving it one more shot this year, but am using a different approach- I'm using Instagram on my phone. I always have it with me and the whole process is much more streamlined. Let's see how long I last this year!

  2. You did do well on your resolutions!

  3. Girl, your DIY projects are impressive!! And that red velvet cake ball looks amaaaazing!!

  4. I would say SUCCESS to your 2011 resolutions. Get it Girl!!! haha! I wish I could say the same for myself... ;)

  5. I have never been a fan of resolutions of the new year...it puts unnecessary pressure on me when I can just randomly do things and then be proud I did them at all! haha :) That being said, you did marvelously on yours, Jess! Maybe you can help me create a few...or just one...


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