Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Fun Surprise!

I love surprises! And I got a good one last Tuesday...

I had had a long day of classes followed by Luke's volleyball games at the church. By the time I walked through the door at home, I had been gone for roughly 14 hours, just like every Tuesday.

I can't even begin to tell you what a wonderful surprise it was to walk into the kitchen and see this after such a long day:
Luke surprised me with a Keurig!! I had broken my coffee pot a few weeks prior, and he went behind my back and bought a Keurig instead of a replacement coffee pot. I was so shocked!! I have wanted one for awhile.

The next day I promptly went out to buy some K-cups. There were so many to choose from!! But I finally settled on this butter toffee flavored coffee.

I liked it, but I didn't love it. I kind of wished I had just bought straight coffee so I could use my favorite go-to creamer (Coffee Mate's white chocolate caramel latte). Anyway, I have a gift card from Bed Bath and Beyond that I got for my birthday, and I've decided to spend it on K-cups.

So I need some help: what is your favorite kind/flavor/brand of K-cups? I know there are tons of different kinds, and I may just end up buying a variety pack. But I feel overwhelmed with all the choices, and would love some recommendations :-)

And I have to sign off by saying a big THANK YOU to Luke!! It was such a fun surprise, and I really loved it!

It reminded me of the time Luke surprised me with another "just because" gift back when we were engaged: a waffle iron.

Maybe my love language is small kitchen appliances??


  1. We love kona blend (any brand), it goes perfectly with just about every flavoring! Congrats on your Keurig, we've had ours about a year and still love it!

  2. We received one for Christmas and have used it every day since we put it together. :) I love the Gloria Jean coffee and also the K-kups that come in dark chocolate. So yummy!

  3. What a wonderful hubby you have :).

  4. YAY for your new Keurig!! I love Kona blend, Green Mountain Breakfast Blend, Dunkin Donuts just made their coffee available in k-cups and it's my FAVE!! The downside is that it's only available at their stores right now. Caribou Blend is good and so is Green Mountain Wild Mountain Blueberry. Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa also makes k-cups now, too! :)

  5. What a lovely surprise! We have a keurig at work, and I'm wanting to get some k-cups to try with it.


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