Monday, January 16, 2012

Looking for Joy

This week had its fair share of annoyances and inconveniences.

In spite of those things, when I look back on the last seven days, I only see joy. During those annoying and inconvenient situations, I looked for blessings, and always found them.

Instead of focusing on the bad things, God is showing me to be thankful for the following instead. What a full week I had!!

27. Beautiful new bed, compliments of my handyman husband

28. Delicious, new dish for dinner shared together
29. Good weather and no snow or ice on my drive to school

30. Beautiful, blue skies during a walk through campus

31. Sweet notes from students
32. January Raindrops
33. A restful night of sleep after two that weren't

34. Classrooms with windows

35. Starbucks smell wafting through the lounge

36. New scarf
37. Gabby, always making me laugh

38. Long visits with Grandma

39. Snowflakes floating by my window

40. Surprise visit from a friend

41. Movie date night
42. Sunday morning worship

43. Sunday morning fellowship

44. Burgers at our favorite place


  1. I think this is a wonderful post! I need to take a few lessons from you in finding joy in my life :).

  2. It's all around us, isn't it? Thanks for the peek into your blessings. Found you through Ann's site. If you don't mind sharing, what was that yummy looking dish?


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