Thursday, January 5, 2012

Post-Christmas Week in Review

I know this is late, but I wanted to remember the highlights of the last week of 2011! I'll skip Christmas because I already recapped that :-)

So here are some highlights from the week following Christmas:

~I spent most of my time relaxing, watching movies, reading, and playing on my new Kindle. I read 2.5 books the week after Christmas: Catching Fire, One Thousand Gifts, and half of Mockingjay. I'm really going to miss all this free time next week when the semester begins.

~Tuesday evening was fun! We went out shopping with JC to spend some gift card money and we went out to dinner. then I went to the church to watch Luke play volleyball. He is playing in a competitive league this winter with lots of friends, and it's really fun to watch!

~On Wednesday we went out to dinner with our friends Sarah and Doug (my cousin and her husband). Then we went over there for a little while so Luke could help replace Sarah's cracked iPhone screen since he's fixed about 3 of them now, and we had fun playing with her Baby Hudson. Fun night :-)

~ Friday was the TSO concert! We go every year. This year we went with Luke's Mom and sister. It was a great show as always! Afterwards Patty treated us all to dinner at Rockne's. YUM is all I have to say about that :-) It was a great night out!

~We spent New Years Eve at a party at Sarah and Doug's house! It was just a few friends. We played a fun game, enjoyed the cute babies, and brought in the New Year!

What a great week of relaxation, friends, and fun! This week has been much the same. However, I am subbing today and tomorrow, and then next week my world gets crazy again as I go back to school with another 16 credit hours this semester. I'm so thankful for this peaceful time before the craziness begins again!


  1. I love that you and Luke make time to be together! Good thing he understands your needs for quality time! ;)

  2. I love watching Volleyball...mostly because I couldn't play that sport if I tried!


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