Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gone Fishin'

After spending the entire day at my parents' pool yesterday, here's how we spent our evening after cooking hot dogs over a fire at my aunt and uncle's house/pond:

(Please don't be fooled and think that I actually touched a worm, minnow or a big fish. I don't fish. I can't even force myself to touch the gross stuff...I know, I'm a wuss :-P I just sat around the fire talking and watching others fish while snapping pictures all evening :-))

[sigh] sweet, sweet summertime :-)
Me and LukeMy sister and JC
CousinsSo it was a fun night. And today Luke and I are going to a picnic with some family & friends, and then he has two softball games this evening. But I'm thinking it looks like rain, so we may be hanging out at home instead of going to the softball games. Which is fine with me...I wouldn't mind being at home and having some time to catch up on things since we've been gone all weekend!

And I'm sorry that you're probably pictured-out with my posts lately! I just can't resist. Summer is too much fun! But things should slow down a little bit this week, and I'm excited because my house is a DISASTER AREA right now!!


  1. What a fun-filled day! I am a wuss too! I hate touching any of that stuff!

  2. Sun, lakes, fishing, hammocks? The perfect summer day! Don't you just love it?

  3. Sounds like so much fun. You got some really great photo’s too!

  4. Ha ha ha ha! I don't touch bait or fish either. But I do like to cast it...thats the right word, right? ha ha


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