Monday, June 22, 2009

Operation: Space

My family and I spent the evening last night decorating my classroom for VBS. The theme this year is "Operation: Space." Luke and my dad surprisingly got really into decorating, and had some good ideas! I took plenty of pictures.

I'm in charge of the crafts for pre-school. There were about 40 preschoolers there today. They were split into 4 groups, and I just re-did the same craft 4 times. It was a little repetitive, but there were only a few minor hiccups in an otherwise perfect morning. So I'm hoping the rest of this week goes as smoothly!Dad was a little upset, because even on a chair he wasn't tall enough to hang my little solar system. good thing Luke was there!
Oops! Wrong way, Mom!Luke had THIS brilliant idea. We used his drum cover and some Christmas lights my mom dug up somewhere in the church.
Last touch: some lights around the door. I told Luke it would take about 10 minutes, but we ended up being there for about an hour! I guess we all got a little carried away. (The door says "Monkeys" because our children's department has a "Reign-forest" theme, and each classroom has a different jungle animal theme).
And here was today's craft, because I just thought he was too cute!
And here is the background in the main room where all the kids meet at the beginning and end of each day for songs and announcements. A family from our church made every part of this set on their own! They are pretty talented!
After VBS today my mom took me and Julie out to lunch, and then we sat out by the pool and cut and taped 50 growth charts together for tomorrow's craft. I'm so glad they have been helping me. I didn't realize how much work it would be to lead the crafts for a big group of preschoolers!

Now I'm ready for an evening of TV: The Bachelorette, Jon and Kate (really worried about their announcement!!) and Here Come the Newlyweds. Happy Monday!


  1. I love VBS! How the themes play out is one of the best parts!

  2. I love teaching VBS, though I haven't been able to do it these past two summers because of moving around....maybe one day! Your room looks great though!

  3. Oh so fun!!!! I always use to love VBS, that would be so fun to teach!

  4. I love the decorations! How fun. I think this is the week for VBS - my church is having ours this week too, but I can't help this year! It's sad.


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