Thursday, June 25, 2009

Top Five

Today was my last day of helping at VBS. I won't be able to go tomorrow, because Luke and I are taking a day trip to Columbus. Which I'm super excited about!!

When you're working with a group of 40-50 preschoolers all week, fun things happen. So here is a list of my favorite things that happened this year

Top Five 2009 VBS Memories
5. Seeing the smiling faces of so many adorable kids every day!
4. Having a classroom in THE ONLY wing of the church with no air conditioning. On a week with high 80s, low 90s temperatures.
3. Breaking up a fight that ensued during snack time over whether chocolate or white chocolate chips are better. It got pretty heated.
2. Raegan's smiling face and crazy more about him here:
1. The games were held outside of my classroom, and I could see and hear everything out there. Today a little boy stood in the sandbox where they were playing a game, looked around, and just started peeing. And that would have to be the most memorable moment from this year!

So it's been fun, but exhausting! I'm ready to head out tomorrow. Luke and I are shopping all morning and hopefully eating at a nice restaurant, and then going to see Transformers at an IMAX theater. Luke is a little more excited about that last part than I am :-P

AND it's almost official that we are going on vacation to Virginia Beach in August. So yay for a somewhat last minute (for us, anyway) trip to the ocean during a summer that I did not think I would be able to go :-D

Have a fabulous Thursday, and I hope you can beat the heat!! I refuse to complain about it though. If you read ANY of my posts in the winter, I'm sure you know how much I loathe the cold temperatures. I would take 90 degrees over 10 degrees any day!


  1. Send my support to the white chocolate chip lovers!

  2. I've heard that white chocolate isn't really chocolate at all. But that's really beside the point...LOL

    Anyway, I LOVE kids. They're completely awesome and have such a unique perspective on life sometimes. It's amazing what we can learn from those adorable little people when we just stop and listen for a bit. :)

  3. Have fun on your trip! Derek and I are planning on seeing Transformers at an IMAX too - sometimes I think we think so much alike, my blogging friend!


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