Saturday, June 13, 2009

Prayer Request

I am writing this morning with a heavy heart. I got a call this morning saying that a friend from church, Scott, was killed in a motor cycle accident last night. I guess he wasn't wearing a helmet and was going too fast through an S curve, and just lost control. He hit his head on something and died instantly.

Scott was such a special guy. He just became a Christian a little over a year ago. Before that, he had been completely addicted to drugs, alcohol, and partying all the time. He had 2 children from different relationships, and was married to a woman who wasn't the mother of either of the kids.

A couple of years ago, his wife, Angela, started coming to church. She had been addicted to drugs just like he had, but their marriage was falling apart, and she thought that coming to church with her family was the last resort. After a long time of healing, Angela became a Christian, decided to become sober, and wanted to work out her relationship with Scott.

It was a long road, but Scott and Angela restored their relationship, they both became sober, Scott started coming to church, and became a Christian! They both even started helping with the middle school youth group. That's how Luke and I got to know them so well. They were always so much fun, so on fire for God, and such a good example to the kids. Scott laughed and joked that Luke and his friends acted crazier and had more fun sober than his old friends did while they were drinking or using :-P

Scott and Angela won a custody battle for one of Scott's sons (he already had custody of the other one). I guess his son's mother is unstable and still does a lot of drugs. So Scott and Angela and his two sons became a happy little family.

So I'm praising God so much that He restored Scott's life a little over a year ago. I'm happy that Scott's sins have been forgiven, he has accepted Jesus as his savior, and is probably dancing in heaven right now. That makes things seem so much happier.

But my prayer request is for his wife, Angela, and their two sons. Scott and Angela did EVERYTHING together. They just bought a new house that they were fixing up together, and they even worked together in their own business. I don't know how Angela could keep the business going by herself. So pray for her healing, and that she's able to make it financially. And also for Scott's sons. Angela hadn't adopted either of them, so I'm guessing they will be sent back to live with their mothers. And I know that Scott and Angela were providing a much more stable life than they will have now.
One last thing before I go...if you ever ride a motorcycle, please wear a helmet! It has always made me mad when I see people riding on them without helmets. I think it should be a law that you have to wear one, like seat belts. Well, maybe it is a law in some states, but not Ohio. If Scott had been wearing a helmet, he would probably be in a hospital right now, just being treated for a few cuts and bruises.

Thanks in advance for your prayers, and have a nice Saturday.


  1. Oh, this story makes me so sad. Those poor incredibly awful. I do not know them, but will be praying for the family.

    And, yes, helmets should be required by LAW. I don't understand why they aren't, either. It's not right.

  2. I'll be praying for Angela and for the boys. Is there any chance they'll be able to stay with her? I hope so.
    My hubby owns a motorcycle, and I make him wear a helmet! He said he probably wouldn't if it wasn't for me, so we wives just have to insist sometimes. Men are such daredevils - I think it's in their nature not to think of stuff like that themselves.

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  4. I'm sorry for your friend. I'll keep his family in my prayers. But I'm also angry that he wasn't more responsible, for the sake of his children. I read about motorcycle accidents almost every day!! I hate them!

  5. Oh I am so sorry to hear about Scott. My heart aches for that family but so thankful that right now Scott is with Jesus! I will be praying for Angela and Scott's kids!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear this story, but as a daughter and sister who's dad and brother ride I thank you for posting. It's so important that bikers wear helmets and just not worth it not to.


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