Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I know I'm a little late, but I just wanted to write a quick post about my dad.

I am exactly like my dad:
I look like him.
I have crazy quirks that could sometimes be mistaken as OCD like him.
I have the same dry sense of humor as him.
I have a sharp logical mind, but absolutely no common sense. Just like him.
I have a bad sense of direction, just like him.
I tend to put things off until the last minute like my dad.
More than anything, I have a love for life like my dad.

We're pretty close. I fought a lot with my mom during my teenage years, but my dad and I always seemed to see eye to eye. What can I say...we have the same brain!

My dad has always been there for me, always listened to me, and has always been there to help out or give advice. He is the one who has always driven me to succeed and do my best in life.

So Happy Father's Day, Dad!

Luke and I spent Father's Day eating lunch at his parents' house and dinner at mine. After dinner, we spent the rest of the evening setting up my VBS classroom since it starts tomorrow. I've got lots of pictures of my awesome room to share tomorrow when I have more time.

After that, we came home and watched Gran Torino with my parents and sister. Great movie! Now I'm off to bed, because I have a long day tomorrow at VBS!

I'm hoping I feel better by tomorrow. I have NOT had a good weekend as far as my health goes: On Friday I wrote about how I think I pinched a nerve in my neck. It still hurts, and I can barely turn my head. Makes it hard to drive. And when I relax my shoulders, my left one is higher than the right one. Weird. I made the mistake of taking Vicodin yesterday for the pain. At first, it felt a lot better! I went to Luke's sister's graduation party and ate a ton of good food. Right after that I had to ride in the van with my parents and grandma to my cousin's graduation party. Let's just say that eating all that food after taking the Vicodin was a bad idea! My dad had to pull over so I could get sick into a dumpster on the way :-/ Yuck! So I felt a little gross and nauseous all night. And Luke gave me his cough from last week. So I keep coughing, which hurts my neck, and it has caused me to COMPLETELY lose my voice. I mean, I can barely make any sound come out at all! So I'm kinda wondering how that's going to work at Bible School tomorrow. I'll just have to wing it, I guess.

Well I'm off to bed...I have to get up at 7 tomorrow! Goodnight, and Happy Father's Day!

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