Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Random Post

I have absolutely nothing of interest to write about today. So I thought I'd just list a few random updates

1. I am sick. Not sick enough to call off work, but sick enough to feel miserable. Burning sinuses, watery eyes, and major congestion made it a very un-fun day at work today.

2. On top of being sick, I have a gigantic toothache. I think my wisdom teeth seriously need to be taken out. My gums are completely swollen around the bottom left one, and it HURTS. Almost unbearably. I wish I wasn't so terrified of the dentist! My mom is very "teeth conscious" because she was a dental assistant for a few years before I was born. My sister and I were subjected to many hours in the dentist's or orthadontist's chair when we were little, and it is still a terrifying place for me now. There's only one kind of doctor I hate going to more than a dentist. Bet you can probably guess what kind. lol

3. Luke finished our little platform for our grill. Pictures to come soon. We grilled cheeseburgers yesterday. I made carmalized onions with brown sugar to go on them and it was delish! Also, I made pasta salad, half a sweet potato for myself, and I fried up some french fries for Luke. Can't forget the huge glasses of sweet tea we had as well! It was such a summer-y meal, although we had to eat it inside. It was only 40 degrees out!

4. There was snow on the ground this morning when I woke up. Yuck. It's all melted now, thank goodness!

5. Jon and Kate plus 8, The Bachelor, Secret Life of the American Teenager (yes, I'm a dork and watch that show), AND The City all had their season finales in the last few weeks. Whatever will I do tonight?! j/k, I'm sure I'll find plenty to do around here!

6. Apparently I am awesome according to the 4th grade class I work with because I have read some of the Twilight books and I like the movie. Score! :-P

7. Luke and I are going out to buy our Easter outfits tomorrow night. I always use Easter Sunday as an excuse to buy a new dress. Here we are last year...note that Luke is OF COURSE wearing scarlet and gray, and I have had over 10 inches cut from my hair since then. I think sometimes I miss my long hair. It will probably never be that long again, though. It was becoming a pain. It's not fun when you shut your hair in a car door. Seriously. Multiple times.
It's sad to say I don't think I fit into that dress anymore! Oh well, I'm working on it. It's getting closer to swimsuit season, so I'm eating a lot more healthily. Is that a word? Oh well :-) Anyway, we are heading to Boardman right after work tomorrow to hit the mall and probably the food court as well. Because of Dave Ramsey, we don't go out too often and we especially don't buy things for ourselves very often, so we're excited to spend some money! lol

8. Speaking of Dave Ramsey, we have our last Financial Peace University class next week. It has seriously changed our lives. I recommend his program and any of his books. Luke and I have saved up money in an emergency fund, and paid off 2 of our credit cards in just the 3 months of the class! We plan on paying off the rest of our debt (except the house) and then living without credit cards or loans. It's the way to go, I think. Please check out his website or his books on Amazon if you are interested. It will change your life if you follow his plan! Anyway, next week we "graduate." We're having a mini party with cake and ice cream afterwards. And there are drawings for restaurant gift certificates for people with perfect attendance and who have finished all of their homework. Luke and I qualify, so we're crossing our fingers! lol

9. We have a 4-day week next week for good Friday, and the we get Monday and Tuesday of the next week off as well. Yay for a spring break, even though it is short.

10. Luke turned off his basketball last night (he's soo into March Madness, and seriously has at least 20 brackets!) and watched Jim Gaffigan on Comedy Central with me. I was so glad that he gave up watching basketball so we could watch something togheter that we both like. And we ended up almost crying we were laughing so hard. I think he's my favorite comedian. He's absolutely hilarious, but he keeps it pretty clean. I would love to see him live sometime, and I kind of hinted that to Luke. lol...we'll see, I guess!

I guess I had a lot more to say than I thought I did! Ha! Have a great Monday, and thank the Lord that it's almost over! At least the boring part for me is over!


  1. Hope you feel better.

    (Jim Gaffigan is hilarious! Kyle and I went to see him last summer- laughed so hard I cried. We're gonna go see him again this summer when he comes to Orlando!)

  2. I had the same issue around my wisdom tooth last month! I couldn't go have my dentist check it out though because we didn't have insurance yet, and we couldn't afford it. So I drugged myself up on ibuprofen for the entire week, and eventually it went away, and it hasn't come back. I need to get mine out soon too, before Derek gets a new job and we don't have insurance again!
    I'll have to try that using Easter as an excuse to get a new dress . . . I like the way you think! *smile*

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