Saturday, March 14, 2009

Projects Galore

Today was a busy day for us. As I've mentioned before, our house is a tri-plex. We live in one section and rent out the other two. Sometime this spring my grandma is moving in to one of our apartments! We've been busy renovating the apartment for her. Today she, my parents, and my aunts and uncles came to help. We got a lot done! We painted the bedroom and the bathroom, and the men hung cabinets. Tomorrow we're finishing up painting in the living room and kitchen.
The finished product...and one very tired dad of mine!
It was a little crowded inside, so Luke decided to work on the yard. He really got excited about it, and worked nonstop all day!

Goodbye, ugly cracked sidewalk!

Luke is using the cracked concrete to make a fire pit...The anticipation for our first spring bonfire is killing me!

This will be my grandma's porch, but we are putting a little platform right in front of it there for our grill. We promised her we'd bring her a piece of steak whenever we use it since she will be able to smell it in her apartment!

And he cleaned out this messy little flower bed so we can put a ramp in for Grandma. I hope we can find room somewhere to plant some beautiful flowers!

I did notice that we will have some daffodils. I can't wait until I see some buds and blooms on these! Then spring will have sprung for sure!
Speaking of daffodils, please check out the new element on my page: my "Spring Firsts" list. My aunt always had a poster in her house in early March titled "Spring Firsts." She wrote down spring things on the poster, and if you were the first to see one of these things first, you got to write down your name and the date that you saw it. I decided I'd play this little game by myself, and put it on my page! Be looking for dates on the list of when I see each of these things. I will post pictures too if I can get them! Can you tell I'm a little excited about spring?? :-)

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  1. I love that you guys are fixing this up for you grandma, too sweet!!

    And that fire pit... HOW EXCITING!!


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