Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Weekly Splurge

Today I should be calling it my "Weekly Save" instead of my "Weekly Splurge." That's because there are a few bigger things that I'm saving my splurge money for, so I won't be buying anything small this week with it. I will be saving it for a few nicer things I want.

First of all, I'm saving it for this:

It's going above the table in our makeshift dining room. Being that we live on the top floor of our house (we rent out the bottom two sections) we have a weird layout. The kitchen is quite small, and there's not much room for a formal dining room. No problem for us! We just added a table in the hallway. When we eat there, it feels like it's a dining room...sort of :-P It definitely needs some different lighting, though!

Let me explain. Our house was at one time an office building. I think it was a house first, and then offices, and then a tri-plex. It's been through a lot! Anyway, there are huge fluorescent lights in EVERY room except the bathroom and kitchen! Here's what the ones in the hallway look like. (Gag me :-P)

(Don't ya just love the texture on the ceiling too? YUCK!)

Every time I turn on a light switch in our house, it triggers the most un-relaxed feeling. You practically need sunglasses in there! It seems to almost warp the pretty colors I picked out for my walls and linens, etc. We've been wanting to change all the lighting in the house, and I figured I better start somewhere! The dining room seems like a great place, because it needs to be romantic in there! I need to add some ambience :-) I think a chandelier will do just that. And I'm excited about buying some plain chandelier shades and decorating them and adding them to the light fixture. I can even change them based on seasons! I'm excited :-)

Here is the other thing I'm saving my money for:

Luke and I live about 2 hours from the greatest place on earth: Cedar Point! If you're a roller coaster junkie like we are, you MUST visit Cedar Point at least once in your lifetime! We go every year. We decided yesterday that sometime in May we're both going to take a personal day from work and go there. I've only taken 2 sick days, and I've never taken a personal day (I get 3 per year) so I don't feel too bad about it. It still won't be too unbearably hot in May, and the crowds won't be too bad when everyone's still in school! I'm so excited :-D I may save up enough to go 2 or 3 more times throughout the summer, too! At this time of year I literally start having dreams about Cedar Point...that's how obsessed and excited I get about it. Cedar Point = summer to me. I only wish we lived a little closer so I could justify buying season passes!


As I mentioned yesterday, this week is spring cleaning at the Wallace house. I showed this embarrassing picture of our attic storage area:
In my defense, at one point it was more organized, but Luke threw everything in a monstrous pile in the back to make more room for his tools (they're behind me in the pic).

So here we are after:

Is it still a little chaotic? Sure. Is it organized chaos now? Absolutely, and I feel good about it! We don't even have a garage, so a lot of junk has to fit in this space. No one EVER sees it, so I'm really not worried about making it perfectly neat. I just want to be able to go back and be able to find something quickly. Mission accomplished!

My next task will be to organize my bedroom closet and dresser. Luckily, those just need rearranged a little with spring/summer clothes (don't worry, I will keep my winter clothes easily accessible...it was 24 degrees today!) and won't be too much of a major task. I won't bore you with pictures!

One last totally unrelated thing. Who else watched the Bachelor finale and After the Final Rose Special last night?? My friends and I were gasping and yelling at the screen so much that we had to turn the volume way up. We couldn't believe it. Let me just say that I was totally shocked, I lost ALL respect for Jason, I feel horrible for Melissa, and I really wish Molly would have turned Jason down instead of taking him back so easily! I don't think Jason understands that love isn't something that's always going to be a perfect fairy tale. You have to work at it, and it's messy sometimes! Oh well, what can ya do? :-P I just hope Melissa or Jillian is the next bachelorette! I love those two!

Well that is certainly enough rambling for one day!!

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  1. I didn't watch The Bachelor but now I'm kind of wishing I had because everybody's blogs are talking about what happened last night- and I have no clue!!!


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