Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Little Diva

Of course "My Little Diva" is my cat, Gabby. I thought she deserved her own post. She is the most rotten, fiesty, ornery, misheveous cat I've ever seen. Unfortunately, she is also one of the cutest creatures I've ever seen, so I can't help but to love her! I really am a dog person, but decided to try a cat out. It's going pretty well so far :-)

Please enjoy this picture post devoted my adorable little devil! Ha! Sorry for the insane amount of pictures, but I just couldn't resist :-)

Gabby lived with my sister, Julie and her roomate for a few weeks, because they got her for me, and we were living in our no-pets-allowed-apartment at the time. So here are some pictures of the first time I "met" her at Julie's apartment in Akron:

It was love at first sight!

Here are some with her brother, Gus. We want to reunite Gabby and Gus one of these days. I wonder if they remember each other.

Here they are with Julie's roomate, Anissa
With my lovely sister, Julie:
Have you ever seen 2 cuter kittens?!

And here are some of the little princess by herself, looking adorable!

Part of the reason we named her Gabby was because she never shut up when she was little. Here she is in Julie's bathtub (don't you love the ducks??) crying. This is my favorite picture of her. I really think she's the cutest kitten ever (I might be a little biased, though :-P)


She had the biggest, bluest eyes when she was younger.
She also liked to hang out in weird places:

In tight, compact spaces:
On shoulders
On laps
And on bookcases

Gabby was born in August, so she's still pretty young. But she's gotten a lot bigger! I still think she's pretty cute, though!

Here she is today. Still cute!

Still likes to hang out in weird places!

Still ornery...Christmas decorations + Gabby = DISASTER. Not sure how many ornaments she broke this year, but it was a lot.

Not to mention, she is a pretty awesome basketball player. This picture is compliments of our friend, Michael:

Well, somehow gabby has wrapped me around her little finger, err, claw :-P My blog name is "Called to Serve" and sometimes I think Gabby thinks that I'm only hear to serve her. How do cats do that?! They make us treat them like royalty and like they deserve nothing less. That's why I personally like "man's best friend" better. But I have fallen in love with my little Gabs (one of her many nicknames. Some others are Gabbers, Gabster, and "You Little Butthead!!" She gets called the last one a lot :-P)

I really do think she needs a little puppy playmate though! I'm definitely leaning toward "yes" on the puppy issue. We may have a new, furry member of our family this June!!

Thank you for putting up with my many pictures of Gabby! I'm sure she loves the attention ;-)


  1. what lovely pet!
    I'm trying to convince MrG to accept a cat, but up to now I failed!!
    I must devise something :-))))
    I don't know, what time is now in your contry,
    In Italy is evening, and I will say

  2. I've never ever had a kitten, but Gabby is seriously too cute :) I'm glad you have so many pictures of her, it makes me feel better that 90% of the pictures on my camera are of my two "children" Ha!

  3. What a cutie pie! I'm more a dog person also, but we don't have any pets right now. I'm hoping to change that someday. I want something small I can tote around on my scooter...what do you think? lol Blessings, Susan

  4. Oh! Your cat is adorable! So cute! I agree, a little puppy pal would be so fun!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog - Derek and I got married on July 12th too! How funny! We do seem to have alot in common, huh?
    Can't wait to read more of your posts!

  5. P.S.
    I like your "Books I've Read in 2009" list. That's a good idea! I'm a bookworm, so i love that kind of stuff! I'm going to steal your idea and put a list like that on my blog too, if it's alright with you?


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