Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Last night at about 8:00, one of our renters came up and informed us that they had no heat. upon further investigation, we realized that we also had no heat (heat rises, so it wasn't too cold in our apartment yet). Luke had to stay home from work today to take care of the situation, which didn't turn out to be too big of a deal, thank goodness!

Anyway, I got home from work. In the kitchen, I noticed that a few dishes had been washed and put away. Apparently Luke had been busy while I was at work! It was a total surprise, because he usually doesn't help around the house unless I ask him to. And I don't ask him to help too often.

I also noticed a couple of bags of groceries: just a few things we needed, and no, he didn't put them away. But I was excited that he thought to go out and get a few things that we needed!

His biggest project was in the bedroom. He completely rearranged the furniture and cleaned up in there!

Here is how our bedroom was set-up. This was taken the week we moved, so that's why it's a little messy still!
And here is what it looked like today when I got home:
I think I like it better this way! although the little rug on the floor looks kinda funny now. And I think I realize that I need to put on my bed skirt!

(On a side note, can you believe I got our bed frame at a garage sale for $75? I love it! It also has a canopy that you can add to it, but our ceilings aren't quite high enough for that. maybe someday. Anyway, you really can find great bargains when you look for them! Dave Ramsey would be proud of me :-D)

Not sure what got into Luke today, but I like it! He can be sweet when he really wants to ;-) I better make him a special dinner tonight as a thank-you :-)


  1. I love your bed frame, what a great steal of a deal!!!

    I love when my hubs surprises me with doing a few chores, yay for great husbands we have!!

  2. Awwww, I love it:)
    Luke sounds so sweet!

  3. The bed looks great in the corner between the windows. Fabulous idea. And that frame was definitely a steal. Dave Ramsey would be proud. Blessings, Susan

  4. The bed looks great in the corner! I wish my room was big enough to do that...but alas. I found your blog while browsing some others!


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