Monday, March 9, 2009

R&R at a B&B

I think we've finally done it: we've made a decision about our one-year anniversary trip! This is not 100% for sure, but pretty close!

We decided on a place that will make us both happy; it's romantic for me, but fun for Luke.

Okay here it is: we are probably spending our anniversary in New Jersey. I know, it's an odd place for a one-year anniversary trip. Luke actually picked the location, because he wants to go to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. At first I was a little bit against this idea - it didn't sound very romantic to me!

But last night I spent lots of time researching the area, and I found a quaint little bed and breakfast just 8 miles from Six Flags!
The Dancer Farm Bed and Breakfast in New Egypt, New Jersey:

It's on a beautiful 250-acre farm, and it's a quick walk from the Laurita Vineyards. There are 10 rooms in the B&B, and they each have a different theme that somehow goes along with the farm. I would love to stay in the "Romance is in the Air" room:
Mostly because of this:

It's a little girly though, even for me! Plus it's one of the more expensive rooms because it's the biggest one, and has an extra large whirlpool bathtub. So we might choose my second favorite, The "Fruits of the Season" room. I love the bright, summery colors in here!

Here's the bathroom...for some reason, I always love to know what they look like too :-P

Each room has a private bathroom with a whirlpool tub or claw foot tub, and most have a balcony facing out over the farm.

There is a top floor observatory for guests as well as porches and gazebos. There are many horses on the property - they train race horses and also give horseback-riding lessons.

I've never been to a bed and breakfast, so I can't wait! I can't wait to walk around the farm, gardens, and vineyards; relax on the balcony drinking sparkling white grape juice and eating chocolate-covered strawberries; to soak in the tub, and just unwind and relax! It won't be rest and relaxation the whole time, though, because we will be spending a day or two at Six Flags! In addition to the regular park, they also have a water park and safari ride. So that will be fun! It will be great to return to our country haven after a hot, busy, crowded day at the park.

We're thinking our trip will last 3 days and 2 nights. Just enough time to get away, rejuvenate, and have some crazy fun at Six Flags! Six Flags makes Luke happy, and the Dancer Farms Bed and Breakfast makes me happy!

I absolutely cannot wait until our anniversary weekend in July! Only 4 moths left. This first year has been flying so far!

Here are some more pictures of what we will see during our trip, just for fun, because I'm so excited :-)

Horses at Dancer Farms:
Breakfast room at the B&B
Laurita Winery:

Six Flags Great Adventure:

Safari Ride at Six Flags:

Hurricane Harbor - Six Flags:


  1. It looks like the perfect anniversary trip! How romantic are those rooms?!

  2. How fun! Those rooms are beautiful! I love planning for our anniversay, that's the funnest part for me!

  3. I never really thought of NJ as a destination. The B&B looks beautiful and there seems to be plenty of things to do. What fun for you! Blessings, Susan


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