Monday, March 23, 2009

Going Bananas

I decided I'd make banana chocolate chip muffins tonight so that Luke and I can grab one quickly and eat it before work in the mornings.

They look like chocolate chip cookies! Any breakfast food that includes chocolate is right up my alley!

Gabby likes to sneak up on the waste basket and watch me bake. I caught her mid-blink

The muffins turned out pretty good, and it will be one less thing I have to worry about in the morning. I'm just crossing my fingers that Luke likes them...he can be pretty picky!

I went to a nutrition class at the women's retreat at my church on Saturday. It really inspired me, and made me realize I've been putting lots of really bad foods in my body for awhile now. And in Luke's body! I'm really going to try to bring a LOT more fruits, vegetables, beans (not from a can!), and nuts into our diets. Those are pretty much the best things for our bodies. Of course, meat is important too, but in smaller portions than the fruits and veggies.

I feel like it is my responsibility to feed myself, Luke, and our future children, the most natural diet that I can. I don't think God intended for us to eat chemicals in our food when he created the earth! So tomorrow I'm armed with the task of grocery shopping in a completely different way than normal. I'm actually excited! It means no more mac&cheese or Hamburger Helper, so it will take a lot more effort in the kitchen, but this is one more way I can serve in my home :-) Plus Hamburger Helper is kind of disgusting.

On another note, our fire pit is complete, and we had our first bonfire last night! Here are some highlights:

Here I am building my first fire ever! I said I had never done it before, so they let me have the honors.


Everybody brought their puppies! Here's Molly:

And my sister-in-law, Maria brought her Great Dane puppy. Calypso (Cali) is 13 weeks old and 40 lbs! I think she's winking at me :-)
My neighbor's dog, Lexie, also made an appearance. I did not get a picture of her though.

Look how closely the guys are huddling to the fire. Perhaps it was still a little too cold for a bonfire. But we were too excited, and just couldn't wait!

I always talk about my cousin Rachel who is also one of my best friends AND my next door neighbor. This is her, in case you ever wondered what she looks like! She was telling an animated story, no doubt. All of our lives she has made up for my shy-ness with her outgoing-ness. Polar opposites often make great friends, don't they?

And Luke and I managed to snap a picture together at the end of the evening. We had to capture our first outdoor memory of 2009! And the first outdoor activity at our new house...we moved in in November, and haven't had much time to enjoy our teeny, tiny yard yet!

Here's to hoping for lots and lots of nights like this. With food, fun, friends, and puppies! Have a fabulous Monday evening :-D


  1. I want the recipe for the chocolate banana muffins! They look really good. *smile*

  2. Callie - You can find the recipe here:
    If you make them, you might want to keep your oven at 350 degrees instead of what the recipe says - I read in the comments that they burn if you follow the recipe!

  3. Sounds like fun! Those muffins seem almost dessert-y than breakfast-y! I'm fine with that though. I say, bring on the chocolate!

  4. Oh what a fun night!! I cannot get over how cute Cali is :)

  5. Looks like everyone had a fun time, even tho it was a bit chilly. Those muffins look great. I'm with you.....if it includes chocolate, how can it be bad? hahaha Blessings, SusanD

  6. That fire pit looks so fun. Also, those muffins look delicious! :)


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