Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shades of Green

I saw many shades of green today...there were only a few unfortunate students who forgot to wear green. I made sure I wore green - I'm Irish, I can't not wear green today!

Today made me remember what beautiful sunshine can look like. It was absolutely perfect today. I finally opened the blinds beside my desk at work. I kept them closed for most of the winter because I couldn't bear to look at the schools courtyard covered in snowy grayness. Today it looked beautiful, and I was basking in the sunlight at my desk all day. It was even warm enough for a fire drill...it was great to be released from my classroom for 10 minutes to stand in the sun. Praise God for all His little everyday blessings!

When I got home at 3, of course I spent some time outside! I layed out a blanket, and kept myself busy with this for 2 hours:
I plan on doing this a lot in the next few months! There's nothing like soaking up the sun while listening to music or reading a good book!

Luke's so excited about his little fire pit. He is chomping at the bit to use it. He came across some free wood at work yesterday (he works for the parks department at a nearby city. He gets lots of random free stuff). Do you think we'll have enough?

Yeah, me too. But just in case, he brought home another load in his truck today!
He can't pass up anything if it's free. The other day he brought home 2 fire hoses that he found in a dumpster at work. Why, you ask? Because they looked perfectly new and he thought he could sell them on ebay or craigslist! At least he's not wasteful, I guess.

Later, Luke and I are planning on making homemade shamrock shakes, because we're festive like that. I bought some Oreos to go along with them, because that just sounded good to me. Oreos and mint...mmmm, just sounds delicious!

Today has been great so far, and filled with so many blessings. The best part? It's supposed to be even warmer tomorrow! I decided to make cheeseburgers, fries, and pasta salad for dinner tomorrow to celebrate the warm weather :-)

Yay for more good news! Luke just now surprised me by buying tickets to an Indians game! It's on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, and they play the Yankees (yuck! :-P) We're going with our friend JC and whoever he decides to bring with him. And it's fireworks night!! After the game, there's a fireworks show with the city of Cleveland in the background. I hate watching football, and basketball - I could take it or leave it. But I would never pass up a chance to go to Jacob's Field! (oops...I mean Progressive Field. it's still Jacob's Field to me!) I love watching the Indians play on a warm summer night. I love paying a fortune for a jumbo, all beef hot dog with ketchup and stadium mustard. I love being entertained by drunk people at the game. I love the jumbotron, and Slider. I love it when someone proposes and it's shown on the jumbotron, and Slider comes out and brings them flowers. I love drooling over the center-fielder (Grady Sizemore ;-)) I love cheering during the ups and downs of the game. Mostly, I think I love baseball because I associate it with summer. For our second date, Luke and I went to an Indians game. That might also have something to do with the reason I like it so much. Anyway, can you tell I'm excited about the first trip to Jacob's Field of the year? Because I am. I will leave you with a few pictures from 2 years ago when Luke and I went to the season home opener. They
called it "Snow-pening Day." Yeah, the game was snowed out. On April 5. This is the coldest I've ever been in my life, but it was fun!

Can you see the field? The funny thing was, if I recall correctly, this was during my spring break. The beginning of the week, we had temperatures nearing 75 degrees. At the end of the week we had this...welcome to Ohio weather.
Here is our frozen group...I'm the short one and Luke's the tall one :-P
And just in case you didn't know who Slider was...:


  1. The game sounds like fun! I went to my first baseball game with Derek, and it rained half the time and delayed the game significantly - but was still fun!

  2. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Your shakes sound yummy especially with Oreos!

  3. Oh your afternoon looks so nice and relaxing!! I just got the second Twilight book, and while I don't have time to lay out and read it- I'm about to curl up in my bed:)
    Happy St. Patty's Day!

  4. I've been a little behind with reading your blog, but I just got all caught up!
    I think that fire pit Luke's building will be so much fun once spring comes!

    (I loooove The Other Boylen Girl!)


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