Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall Crafting

Question of the day: Is it too early to start decorating for fall?

I would love to hear your input, because I started pulling some fall things out of my seasonal storage area today. To me, fall starts after Labor Day.

During a shopping trip this morning, the fall colors in the craft section were practically calling my name and begging me to buy them. I walked away with just a couple of things:

The green yarn will eventually be a warm scarf, and I'm sure the ribbon will show up all over my house, embellishing everything with its autumny-copper color.

It may have already shown up in a place or two

I used glue dots to put a little bow on this old picture frame.

And Pinterest can be credited for helping me find the adorable subway art. It originally came from HERE. You can print one off too, for free! Free printables make me so happy!

All these fall colors in my kitchen make me want to whip up something pumpkiny. Or appley.

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, and look at my fall board if you want to see exactly what kinds of pumpkiny and appley treats I plan on making this year. There are some good ones, but I think the snickerdoodle pumpkin ice cream sandwiches are the ones that I'm most looking forward to making. And eating.

Even if everyone tells me that it in fact IS too early for fall decorations, I probably won't listen. Because it's 63 degrees outside right now, and there is no denying that fall is coming!! And I couldn't be more excited!


And before I sign off, shout out to my husband for putting up with me for exactly 7 years! 7 years ago today, we officially became a couple. We used to go out on a nice date on September 5th every year back when we were dating, but now I'm lucky if I remember to mention it on the blog (score for me today!) But happy 7 years, Luke! I couldn't have picked anyone better to walk by my side through all the storms and sunshines of this life :-)


  1. Oh I don't think it's too early to start fall decorating! I almost always do it on Labor Day weekend, but I decided to try to pull more summer out of this's not working. In the 60's here too.

  2. Super cute ideas and it is ABSOLUTELY not too early to start!


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