Friday, September 30, 2011

Time Management Fail

When you're a full-time student with a 16-credit hour course-load, and you still work 3 days a week as a substitute teacher (or at least I would if they'd call me more) you have to be good at time management.

Things I haven't had time for lately due to copious amounts of homework:
  1. couponing
  2. reading for leisure
  3. working at the church library
  4. spending much time with Luke
  5. cleaning the house

Things I've somehow found the time for anyway:
  1. Knitting a scarf
  2. Watching all my TV shows
  3. Blogging almost every day
  4. Shopping. A lot. What? We have a new Kohls in town!!
  5. Baking
Time Management: FAIL

Now where's that time management book I bought, but never found time to read?

I need a crash course because clearly I'm doing something wrong! I think it all comes down to self-discipline which I'm obviously lacking. Help!


  1. I learned an important rule of thumb once: Swallow he big frog first! Meaning, get the thing you are dreading, not looking forward to, over first, so that you can move onto activities you better enjoy. And maybe having Luke study with you will A, speed things up, and B, be a fun activity together!

  2. Time management can be tricky to master - some days I do okay, some days I fail miserably. I try to be patient with myself though because there are days I really *do* need to just veg out and relax.

    I love that Emilie Barnes book though! Happy Friday! :)


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