Monday, September 26, 2011

These Days

Last week I listened to the song These Days by Mandisa for the first time, and it was such a blessing! The song literally changed my life a bit. You can listen to it below:

My favorite parts are the second verse and the chorus. They are so powerful to me:

I can see silver lining when the sun's not shining
Even when you choose to bring the rain
But there's freedom believing
And trusting your leading
'Cause you're the Lord of all my joy and all my pain

So I'll learn to love these days
Life along the way
In the middle of the crazy
God your love is so amazing
Through the ups and downs
You're the only hope I've found
Lord you meet me in the madness
So I'll learn to love these days

I heard this song and decided that it was my prayer and a challenge I'd like to give myself. To love every day the Lord blesses me with instead of being frustrated that I'm going through a hard time, and things aren't going the way I had once thought they would.

I certainly didn't choose my situation, but I do get to choose my attitude towards it. In the past year there have been many days when I've chosen to be mad and bitter. But that has caused me a lot of unnecessary stress and pain. Certainly those feelings were not coming from the God of peace! This song was such a good reminder that I can choose to love this stage in life.

And as I look out my window at the blue sky and changing leaves; as I think about how God has richly blessed me with such a great husband; when I look around at all the family and friends I have to support me; and as I think of the God who has saved me with His grace....I realize that there is no reason to be down all the time! I should be enjoying every moment.

No matter what situation you are walking through, God has blessings along the way. Sometimes we have to look for them, but they're there. Choose to focus on those instead of the bad things!

In the past week I've realized it makes a big difference.


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  1. I love Mandisa, too! Her songs are so uplifting. :) Thanks for posting.

  2. God has been teaching me this so much recently. It is so easy to focus on the one hard thing, instead of being thankful for all of the wonderful things going on, including the ways God is using that trial to grow my relationship with Him. Love the lyrics of this song!

  3. Love your thoughts!!! Beautiful lyrics as well, and so much truth.

  4. It sounds like a beautiful song. And I think you are so right, it's important to enjoy the blessings in the stage that we're in! Thanks for the reminder. :-)

  5. I love this song, too!! She is so great!!


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