Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's OK Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

Once again, I'm partaking in my Thursday ritual. Thanks to Neely and Amber for hosting my favorite link-up!

So It's OK read blogs while I dry my hair, and watch Netflix while I straighten it. My iPhone has turned me into quite the multi-tasker. eat something sinful every once in the brownies filled with Oreos and peanut butter I made for a party on Friday! choose a Grande Pumpkin spice latte over an aspirin to cure a headache. BTW, it worked like a charm. stay up until 1:00 AM being ridiculously productive because of said highly caffeinated beverage.

...To laugh for an entire hour without stopping while watching the Modern Family season premiere. Phil Dunphy and Cam Tucker have got to be two of the funniest guys on television. enjoy "old lady" hobbies, like knitting. Especially in the fall

To think Phonetics is the coolest class ever...and to totally embrace my inner nerd suddenly find things like doing dishes or laundry fascinating and completely entertaining. But only because I should be writing a paper instead. feel like a total rock star because I successfully dissected a pig's larynx all by myself on Tuesday, and didn't puke. somehow trudge through a difficult week, because you know the weekend is going to be amazing! (Mine will include a free Indians game, a trip to White House Farms, a girls movie night with Sarah including a viewing of Sweeney Todd, and Love and Respect Bible study on Sunday night. So much fun stuff going on, it's the only thing that's propelling me through my classes and homework this week!)

Happy Thursday!!
And link up!


  1. I just finished up 5 years of full time wifey, full time employee and almost full time student. I remember those days when anything but homework/paper writting was entertaining....including cleaning the dreaded bathroom. Eek! Happy Thursday friend!

    Oh....and I will be emailing you sometime soon. :)

  2. Oh my gosh I LOOOOVE Modern Family! Phil is HYSTERICAL. hahahaha!

  3. Woah!!! That Oreo and peanut butter stuffed brownie looks delish!!!

  4. I would definitely not be okay if I had to dissect anything! And I like my inner nerd. Lately I'm about scrapbooks and photo albums. Not sure that qualifies as nerdy, but it is what it is. I think knitting is awesome. I just don't get it.

  5. First of all, Modern Family is my FAVE!!!! I agree that Phil and Cam are hil-ari-ous!!!! I love Manny, too!

    Secondly, those brownies! I have really got to make those!!

    And finally, I hope you have a great time at White House Farms!! I wish you were coming to our White House so you could help me knit. I tried it a little last fall, but got discouraged and gave up! Maybe your knitting will help inspire me to try again! :)

  6. larynx dissections.. you are a rockstar! :)

    I've totally chosen caffeine over painkillers too ;)

  7. Eating something sinful is def ok!

  8. Cam is my favorite!!! He has my heart!!! My hubs told me that we could no longer watch Modern Family together because "he can't hear what's going on." When I asked why he stated it was because I laughed too loud... oops :) Also, I am super impressed with your multi-tasking!

    Happy Thursday! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

  9. First of all - love that you had a pumpkin spice latte to cure a headache. I had my first of the season a few weeks ago and it was awesome. Unfortunately I can't drink them after about 3 in the afternoon or I will be up ALL night. Aaaannnddd...I have Modern Family DVR-ed and cannot wait to watch it, hopefully tonight! Have an awesome weekend!

  10. What an absolutely delightful post! And REFRESHING! Because you confirm that there are other people like me in the world..=)

  11. Ha, I think it's so funny you used the latte for your headache! :-) I do think it works better than aspirin. :-)

  12. My boyfriend loves Modern Family but I've never watched...maybe I need to?!


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