Sunday, September 4, 2011

Week in Review: with Lots of Pictures!


~Sunday was a busy day! After church we had lunch at my parents' house to celebrate my dad's birthday, and then we had dinner with Luke's family.
~Monday we headed out to the Akron Aeros baseball game with our friends Alex and Michelle. We stopped at Penn Station for some delicious subs and fries beforehand, and really enjoyed the game! Michelle and I pretty much talked through the entire game and the entire ride to and from the game. So that was fun :-) We had second row seats, and the Aeros won, so that was fun too!
Fun Fact: one of those old buildings off in the distance is actually where all of my classes are held!

~Tuesday through Thursday are all a blur of studying, classes and homework. This semester I will have two quizzes a week for my Anatomy and Physiology class (and sometimes 1 quiz and 1 test!) So I've had my nose in my A&P book constantly. The cats get jealous and jump up on my desk and literally lay right on top of my book. So I laid down a soft, fleece blanket right beside my desk and it did the trick :-) They no longer bother me (too much) while I'm studying! And aren't they just so cute?

~Friday night Luke was helping his grandparents landscape their house, so they invited both of us over for dinner that evening. We had sloppy joes and sweet corn and all kinds of other good food! It was delicious, and it's always a treat when I don't have to fix dinner ;-)

~ Saturday morning Luke's grandparents' had an auction since they just moved out of their old house. Luke and I didn't buy anything (although I did get a few free little trinkets that were left over at the end) but it was just fun to watch. I think the whole day went pretty well!

~After the auction, we all walked down to the little cabin Luke's uncle recently built and just chilled out there in the shade for awhile (the temperature was in the 90s and probably the highest humidity we've had all year. Wait, isn't it September?!) The walk was beautiful

~Later Saturday evening we went to a cookout with some family friends. Luke left early to go to the tractor pulls at the fair, but I stayed pretty late because I just lost track of time and was having such a nice night! We went swimming, ate delicious food, and then all the women went on a walk as the sun set, followed by homemade ice cream right before we left. It was a wonderful little "last hurrah" of summer.

I didn't watch any movies or read any books other than my textbooks, so we'll just skip those this week :-)

Songs I'm loving: Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice

Favorite picture:
The sky looked really pretty on our walk on Saturday night...gosh, I love living in the country

Things I'm looking forward to next week: Taking it easy on Sunday after our busy Saturday! And probably going to the Akron Zoo with my sister during my 6-hour break on Thursday! Also Luke's cousin's baby shower on Saturday.


  1. Love that red barn pic. I'm so glad that your classes are going well. It reminds me of my A&P days and how I used to spend all day studying that stuff. I'm sure you'll do awesome girly :-)

  2. Sounds like it was a busy but fun week! I love midweek baseball games! :) And your favorite picture in your post is so pretty! What a great shot


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