Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Okay Thursday!

After my week of serious posts, I'm so excited to do my favorite link-up today: It's Okay Thursday! It feels good to do something light and fun after all that!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay almost die of cuteness when your cat won't leave you alone while you try to study. She is attention-starved, and usually ends up sleeping in my lap like this while I do homework:

...To feel OLD when you're in classes with mostly 21-year-olds. And to be okay with it. I don't think I'd trade places with them if I could.

...To feel like Christmas is coming, because, HELLO, SEASON PREMIERES!!! The Office, Parks and Rec, The Middle, Modern Family...but mostly...How I Met Your Mother!!
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...To sometimes be unable to separate your life from HIMYM. To think that you are Lily, your husband is Marshall, and your friend JC is Ted.

...To have a little crush on Ryan Gosling. I saw Crazy, Stupid Love on Monday and WOW. Wow to the movie, and wow to Ryan!! It's okay, my husband has a crush on Katy Perry, so we're even :-P

...To buy a book on time management, and then not be able to find the time to read it. {guilty}

...To once again, be over-the-moon excited that it's fall!!!

...To use that one ^ Every single week.

Happy Thursday! And Happy Fall!


  1. I have really wanted to watch How I Met Your Mother, but I suppose I would have to have a friend in the States send me all of the seasons, ha! that or pay for them all on iTunes- boo!

  2. I literally LOL'd at the one about buying a book on time management but not finding the time to read it! HAHA Sounds sooo much like something I would do!

    Happy Thursday! :)

  3. Hooooray for Fall TV! I personally love Fall TV more than fall!

    Ryan Gosling is so addorable!!!

    Have a greaty day!

  4. I can't wait for all the Fall premiere's and I'm right there with ya, I'm so glad it's starting to feel like Fall!

  5. My boyfriend also has a crush on Katy Perry. Haha.

    Fall TV is what I love most about this season, or well the upcoming one. It's the best thing about my birthday week... shows starting!

    Love your list :)

  6. Cant wait for HIMYM! Thank you for being such a loyal Its OKer :)

  7. hahahaha I love that you bought a time management book but haven't had time to read it!!!
    Also, Ryan Gosling is adorable. Major crush on him.
    I think I need to start watching HIMYM...lots of my friends watch and like it!

  8. I have a total crush on Ryan Gosling! I need a book on time management too :(


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