Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Premiere Week!!

This week is an exciting week for my husband and I. Maybe this is a bad thing, but we are avid TV watchers, and the past few years, our shows of choice have been sitcoms. It all started with Scrubs a few years ago, and our sitcom repertoire (totally not sure if I'm using that word right here...correct me if I'm not!) has expanded quite a bit.

So this week, here are the shows that will definitely NOT be missed in this household!!

1. How I Met Your Mother. I'm a couple days late posting this, because it was on Monday night. But it's our favorite show ever!! So funny and so good! Also, Luke and I have found many parallels between our lives and Lily and Marshal's lives. And that's just fun!

2. The Middle. This show is so quirky and funny. Seriously, is Brick not the most interesting character on TV? And I have to say, I like Patricia Heaton better as Frankie Heck than Debra Barone.
3. Modern Family! Winner of the Emmy for best comedy series this year! I have to say, I like HIMYM better than Modern Family because of the plot. However, don't hate me but...Modern Family is funnier. In my humble opinion, of course!

The Office. I don't think The Office is as funny as it used to be, but it's still one of the best shows on TV. And I will continue to watch it, even without Michael Scott.

Parks and Recreation. Remember when I said Modern Family was funnier than HIMYM? Well, Parks and Rec is funnier than both of them. In my opinion, it's the funniest show on TV. You definitely have to have a certain kind of random, quirky sense of humor to appreciate it, though. But for me and Luke, it's right up our alley.

And finally...

Big Bang Theory. Just an all-around hilarious show! I love Sheldon. Every line of his makes me laugh.

As you can see, we have a busy week ahead of us ;-) And I now realize I need to reevaluate my life, because clearly, I have a serious addiction to TV and I watch way too much of it!!

What shows will you be sure not to miss this week?


  1. I recently became addicted to the Big Bang theory & watched all of the past seasons...Sheldon is hilarious! My bf and I quote him ALL the time. "Soft kitty, warm kitty..." lol.

  2. Big Bang is by far my favorite sitcom! And that may just be because I don't watch the others. My dad started watching Raising Hope this season, and it seems like another possible loved sitcom added to my list. :)

  3. I watch all of the shows you listed, except for The Big Bang Theory, I just couldn't get into it. I haven't had a chance to watch any of the season premieres yet though.

    I agree with pretty much everything you wrote about each show, we must think alike when it comes to TV!

  4. Our cable box went out Monday night 8 minutes into HIMYM! I was freaking out! Of course I just watched it online on Tuesday morning, but it just wasn't the same! Do y'all watch Happy Endings? It doesn't return until next week, but it is very funny as well.

  5. I think you need to post this for boob tube babble friday :)

  6. I love September for the simple fact all the premiere's come on! I have a lot of new shows DVR'd but who knows when I'll get to watch them!

  7. Big Bang Theory is my favorite show. As you can tell from my blog, I'm a physicist, so I have a lot in common with the characters. :) Sheldon singing "Soft Kitty" is the ringtone on my cell.

  8. Oh my gosh, how funny was it that Anne was getting pictures of peepees texted to her on Parks and Rec??


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