Friday, September 23, 2011

Pumpkin Cookies for a Rainy, Fall Friday

Today the school where I sub didn't have class, so I obviously had the day off. I woke up and it was gloomy and rainy...and I loved it! It was the perfect excuse to light some fall candles and bake up something pumpkiny!After Pinterest-ing for a few minutes, I came across these delicious looking pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting, originally found here.

I cleaned up the kitchen, cranked up some Mandisa (Sarah recently opened me up to the world of Mandisa, and my life is changed!! I love her music and it's so uplifting!) and got to work.

It was a pretty easy and quick recipe, for both the cookies and the frosting. And they taste amazing!! This will definitely be one of those recipes I go back to every fall. ...I may have eaten one already (or two...or three) I had to taste test them, after all!

Now as I go through the rest of my afternoon cleaning the house, doing homework, possibly working on the scarf that I'm knitting, and getting ready for the Indians game tonight (where I will freeze my butt off), my house smells like pumpkin and fall spices.

Happy Friday!


  1. OMG! These look delish!!!! Seriously, I may need to bake this weekend now ...

  2. You had me at pumpkin and cream cheese! I wish that fall weather was here but alas, its still 95 degrees in NorCal.

    Happy Friday! And happy day off!

  3. I so am making those this weekend! YUM!!!!!!

  4. Oh goodness, those cookies look and sound delicious!!!!!! I LOVE pumpkin and can't get enough of it this fall!!! :) Thanks for sharing the recipe link!


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