Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

I didn't find a whole lot this morning at garage sales. But here are a few fun things:

Friends Trivia Game - $1
I thought this would be fun because Luke and I watch Friends reruns like it's our job. And we love board games.

Tiki soap - $.25
This is a joke. If you watch Scrubs, you know that in a recent episode, all the main characters went to the Bahamas for the janitor's wedding. Turk and JD bought very expensive Tikis that were supposed to be replicas of the Tiki from the Brady Bunch. Here's a quick video, and it's hilarious if you didn't get the chance to see it :-)

Anyway, our group of close friends always say that we are exactly like characters from Scrubs. Luke and a really close friend (JC) who is like JD, and Luke is like Turk. I'm Carla, in case you were wondering, and my sister is Elliot :-) Anyway, I thought it would be funny for Luke to give this to JC as a joke on his birthday or something :-)

And finally:
Little shelf - $2
I've decided it's going above our stove to hold all of my tea, and my cute little cafe candles (the brown mugs are miniature scented candles)

For a grand total of $3.25, I got all this loot! Not too bad, I guess. I hope to go out again next Saturday as well. This is a major bonding time for me and my mom :-)

I am going to go outside and find something to do now. At 11:30, it is already 80 degrees! I can't stay inside on a day like today. Spring is in full force now, and flowers are just exploding out everywhere. I bet there will be leaves on the trees at this time next week since we're supposed to get lots of warm weather in the next week. I just love watching everything wake up after it's long winter's nap :-)

Check out my mom's beautiful tulips
Praise God for the beauties of springtime!


  1. I love the Friends trivia game! It's only fun if you play it with some who knows alot though! My husband isn't a fan :(

  2. I love yard sales :) Looks like you had some good finds!


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