Sunday, April 12, 2009

Moving Day

Today was moving day for my grandma...she moved into one of the apartments attached to our house. It was a great day getting her all moved in! I thought I'd share some picture highlights before I head to bed.

Warning: There is a very serious picture overload ahead :-P

Apartment before (my parents have worked really hard to fix this place up...we helped a little, but it was mostly them).

Bedroom Before:
Bedroom after
With furniture:

Living room before (Plus Julie)
Living room after
Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
I love the kitchen floor!
Bathroom After (No before pictures of this for some reason)
My other Grandma made this beautiful Daffodil arrangement for the Grandma that's moving in. I thought it was sweet, and I'm glad both of my grandmas from opposite sides of the family are so close :-)
Here's grandma when she arrived at the apartment. She hadn't seen the finished product yet, and she was so happy there were tears in her eyes. Can't you just see the joy on her face?
Here we are unloading everything.
She has accumulated A LOT of stuff over the 85 years of her life!
And I'll be honest...I'm not REAL excited about all the stuff she brought for her little garden. But I can learn to deal with it :-P
Luke's workin hard putting her glider together
More STUFF...We had to put a lot of it in storage...she grew up during the depression, and learned to save EVERYTHING. Literally.
Aunt Viv and her best friend Kathy realized they had put the wrong bed skirt on and had to completely start over! It was funny.
Julie, Mom and I had fun organizing her kitchen.
Look at all the awesome vintage stuff we found!
Sorry for the blurriness, but this was too cute!
My dad gave these glasses to my Grandma when he was 8. He's 52 now. See what I mean when I say she doesn't get rid of anything?
And this was the lamp he had in his bedroom when he was a kid. It's now in Grandma's bedroom.
And Julie started to get bored, so I got some interesting random pictures of her:
All in all it was a fun day! We're going to help her the rest of the week get organized. She is so happy to be moved back here to the little town of Damascus. She was absolutely glowing all day. I haven't seen her that happy in awhile, so it was nice.

After we had her all moved in, Luke and I hung out with Julie and our friend JC. We just had fun and watched "Yes Man." I thought I'd share a couple picture highlights of our night, too!

Gabby likes bags, but she also likes boxes:
Oh, and there were animal crackers involved. The kind with frosting AND sprinkles. What a great night :-)
Sorry for the picture overload! I hope everyone has a very blessed Easter tomorrow!

Rejoice that He rose again!

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