Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Springtime

It's finally really feeling like spring now. Not because the weather is warm or anything, but because I'm on spring break. It was a short break, and I go back to work tomorrow, but it's been fun!

Yesterday I spent all morning reading and doing laundry, and then I headed downstairs to my grandma's apartment and helped her get organized with my mom and Aunt Viv. While there, my mom gave me an Easter basket. I really wasn't expecting anything from my parents or Luke's parents, since we're both 24 and married now. But they went ahead and spoiled us anyway! Here's the cute little basket from my parents:
Complete with this adorable wooden rabbit and green candle:
And Luke's parents gave us a bag full of this:
and THIS:
Anyway, back to yesterday. After we organized our little hearts out for about 3 hours, we decided to take a break. I went upstairs to start dinner and read and relax. It was great.

Luke is playing in a young adult basketball league at our church. He was homeschooled, and never really got to play on a team, so he is loving it! Last night was his second game. He is yet to win one, but he's still loving it!

While I was at the church watching Luke's game, I ran into my mom. She is the church's administrative assistant, and practically lives there. Anyway, she had some fabulous news for me! It's kind of a long story, but here goes...

My grandpa was recently in the hospital for a series of surgeries on his gallbladder, and while there he had a stroke. He realized then that he really couldn't take care of his HUGE dog, Teddy anymore. So after 2 or 3 long weeks of looking for a nice home for Teddy, we finally found one! A new family from our church fell in love with Teddy, and brought her (yes, Teddy is a girl's name apparently :-P) home with them.

Well, said family already had a little puppy. This puppy is a boy, and he is a Maltese/Poodle mix. A Maltipoo, if you will :-) ANYWAY, now that they had Teddy, the big macho St. Bernard (well, part St. Bernard), they decided they were not interested in this little girly designer dog. Enter my mom. She told the lady that if they were serious about getting rid of the little fru fru guy, she knew someone who would be very, VERY interested in him...ME! I've been wanting to get a puppy exactly like this, but have been waiting until summer. And summer is right around the corner! This couldn't be anymore perfect, and I'm really hoping it works out!

Here is a picture I found on Google Images of a Maltipoo puppy...isn't it just adorable?!?!

Okay, back to last night. After the game I drove home, and noticed a bunch of cars at my grandma's apartment, so I decided to go see with was up. I walked in and my grandma, Aunt Viv, and Aunt Viv's best friend Kathy were all sitting around the table eating Josie's Pizza, our favorite! Aunt Viv immediately pulled a chair up for me and I joined the party! It was fun catching up with these lovely ladies over pizza and Oreos :-) My mom ended up showing up later, too. We spent the rest of the evening there. I'm so glad my grandma moved back to Damascus...she is bringing the whole family closer together.

Well it's time for me to get to work this morning! Today is Operation: Clean House. I'm going to clean every room from top to bottom, and hopefully I can keep it that way until I have lots of spare time in June - August. Then I will actually have time to clean it daily unlike now. The countdown to my summer break has officially begun: 50 days and counting (that's less than 2 months!!!!)


  1. The puppy is adorable- I hope it works out! I'm cleaning my house today too (I love my days off). Goodness I wish I had a summer break! You don't have to work at all? I'm jealous. *smile* That's one of those things that I miss about being in college. That and pretty much everything else except the stress! I'm a nerd - back to school time is actually one of my favorite times of the year, and I like going to classes.

  2. Yeah, I'm lucky enough not to have to work this summer...they're stretching my pay out all year this year. However, if an opportunity presents itself for teaching summer school, or evaluating online college courses like I did last summer, I certainly won't pass it up!

    I miss college too...it was stressful, but somehow a lot easier and simpler than life is now!

  3. What a cute puppy, I want one!

  4. Cute puppy! I'm sure it will bring much joy!


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