Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Very Own Homemade Fondant

So let me tell you about a recent passion of mine...

Cupcake decorating! I haven't done much yet, but I'm absolutely interested in learning more. Here's my most recent cupcake creation (and to be honest, I made this one in a cupcake decorating class at my church...hey, ya gotta start somewhere, right?)
I thought it was okay for a beginner! But I really want to make some special cupcakes for Luke's 25th birthday party that I'm planning, and for the Mother's Day cookout that I want to have. I want to make some like these from Martha Stewart's website:
Those look pretty simple, and I'm not too worried about making them. However, on my quest for these cupcakes I found LOTS of other cute ones online. A lot of them used fondant.

I'm a little under the weather tonight, and hubby was out picking up dinner poor little sick me didn't have to cook (what a sweetheart he can be sometimes!), and I was bored. I wanted to create something. With cupcakes on the brain, I remember a lady at our cupcake seminar telling us that she made her own fondant-like-substance out of powdered sugar and marshmallows melted in the microwave. I had both of those things in my cabinets, so I decided to pass the time by making my own fondant-substitute. Since I'm so into cakes and cupcakes these days.

So I tried. It didn't come out completely perfectly. A little lumpy, and not quite as stretchy as fondant. I'll have to try it again sometime, I'm sure if I spent more than 3 minutes working with it I can make a better texture!

I had to sculpt SOMETHING with my sub-par fondant-substitute. I just had to try it out, even if it didn't turn out as great as I had wanted it to. So I used some food coloring and whipped up this less-than-lovely rose. This picture looks nothing like the actual rose I made, because my camera sucks :-P You get the idea, though.
Ehh, it's okay, I guess. I'm going to have to perfect this stuff before I try to use it on any actual cupcakes, though, that's for sure! I must say, it did TASTE a lot better than fondant. How could marshmallow and powdered sugar taste bad?!

If you have heard of this fondant-substitute, or have any suggestions on how I could perfect it, please share! I would love for this to work out, and then I could make incredible creations to place atop my cupcakes, without paying for real fondant!


  1. Real fondant taste yucky. :P I've never heard of the powdered sugar-marshmallow recipe substitute before but I have a homemade fondant recipe that's pretty tasty.

  2. Wow cute!!!

    Oh this brings me back to planning my wedding, my mom was making our wedding cake and she would bring hom fondat every day for us to try, ha!


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