Friday, April 24, 2009


I'm so glad it's Friday. Today contained many highlights...some were strange, some embarrassing, and some just funny. Let me share a few with you:

- I went to put gas in my car today, and realized I had pulled up to the wrong side of the pump. I quickly turned my car around so that I could sufficiently fill it with gas. I swear, EVERYONE was staring at me. So embarrassing. Did I mention I've had the car for almost 4 years?! Yeah, apparently I was having a very day-dreamy moment or something!

- I did some laundry when I got home from work. As I reached into the hamper to grab a towel, I grabbed this instead:
Apparently she was very comfortable, and refused to get out.
Eventually, I tipped the hamper over, thinking she'd just run right out.
Nope, not interested.
I bribed her with a toy...success!!
- Later, Gabby saw a bug on the window on the landing of our steps going up to the attic. She sat in this general area for about 2 hours. Mind you, if she had fallen off the left side, she would have fallen straight down the steps. And it wouldn't have been the first time. She's a daredevil, that one!
-Once it got dark out, and cooled down enough to build a fire, (it got up to 83 today!!!) Luke and I brought out all the fixins to make our pizzas with the pie irons.
There it is, cookin' away
We wanted to make seconds, but apparently left the pie iron in the fire for just a tad bit too long.
If you can't tell, it totally melted and shriveled from the heat of the flame! I've used many a pie iron in my day, and I've never seen this happen! How hot was that fire?! lol...and P.S: Luke looks silly and cross-eyed in this picture. It made me laugh :-)

-Luke and I ended the evening by hanging out downstairs at my grandma's apartment. My parents and my aunt were visiting her, so we just chatted while the Cavs won another playoff game :-)

-Now Luke and I are searching for a movie to watch, which I will most definitely fall asleep within the first fifteen minutes. It's what I do.

-I'm waking up bright and early tomorrow to hit up some garage sales with my mom. It takes dedication to be a true bargain hunter like we are!

Enjoy your Friday night, and thank you for putting up with insane amounts of pictures of the lovely Gabby :-)


  1. Your cat looks just like a cat my mom just adopted. So cute :)

  2. Oh, that's weird- the pie irons melting! I guess its good you had one first though!

  3. I love cat's pictures, she's so cute! They make me smile. You'll have to tell us if you find any crazy deals at your garage sale hunt!


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