Monday, April 20, 2009


Too much on my mind's time for a random post.

Let's begin with the venting, shall we??
1. OAT week is officially the week from the devil. Just kidding. But it has not been fun so far.
2. The stress in the air at work is so thick it's hard to breathe.
3. I accidentally locked myself and my student out of our testing room (although it was more like a closet). The test, answer booklets and test supplies were still in the room.
4. Why do all the doors to the classrooms automatically lock from the outside every time they're closed? Is that REALLY necessary?
5. It took my student from 9:00 - 1:30 (special ed. get extended time) to take her test. I felt bad for her because I wasn't allowed to help, and I swear my brain was numb at the end of it all.
6. I got a letter in the mail today telling me that the school district where I work would like me to come on again next year in the same position. No, thank you. I'd rather gouge my own eyes out. Sorry for being so graphic, but I'm only kidding :-P
7. Gabby has decided it's a good idea to hang from the top of the curtains by her claws. I don't want to get her declawed, but just don't know what to do with her.
8. Now the beautiful curtains that my mom got me for my birthday (we moved in 3 days after my b'day) are all snagged, and they have tiny holes in them. I'm not happy.
9. My house is a MESS, and it's one of those days that I just don't feel like caring. But I DO care, so I'll have to grumpily clean the house later.
10. Can you tell I'm in a bad mood today? Hopefully I can pull myself out if it :-P

Okay, so I guess there are a few good things going on too
1. It's supposed to be in the 80s this weekend! And sunny! Luke and I might go to the drive-in Saturday night... I didn't realize it was open already.
2. We went to our high school's production of "Footloose" last night, and it was adorable. I definitely need to watch the movie now.
3. Visited with Grandma and my mom for about an hour today. Thank goodness for a blessing on this rainy, not fun day.
4. I was asked yesterday to pet-sit my friend's Maltese, Max. I've watched him two other times while the family's been on vacation, and I LOVE HIM! No word yet on whether I will have a puppy of my own or not this summer. But I'm glad I get to spend a week with Max. Isn't he the cutest?!

That's all...


  1. Just the sight of that sweet little face would cheer me up!! Hope your day gets better!

  2. Cute dog! I didn't know what Maltese's looked like. Sounds like a frustrating day - I can relate. Hang in there, it always gets better sometime! I totally understand the doors locking from the outside when they're closed though. It's so if some crazy man sneaks in the school and wants to shoot people, he can't get into your classroom. Unfortunately, we've had a couple of those close to where I live. Try to be thankful for the locking doors - they do have a purpose!

  3. I guess that's true about the locks. Most of the schools where I've worked before aren't like that though, and I guess I never picture anything like that happening. But I'm sure it could and does!


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