Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week in Review

~Sunday night, Luke and I went to our Love and Respect Bible study. We are watching the video series by Emerson Eggerichs, and it's been really good so far!

~On Monday I didn't get called to sub, so I went with my mom out to the new Kohls that opened nearby. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to have a Kohls so close to home. Before now, the nearest one was 45 minutes away. After scoping out the entire store and making a few purchases, we went out to a late lunch.

~Monday evening we went to a fun birthday party for Luke's cousin Jane.

~On Friday after subbing, I hung out with Kristin...we caught up and pretended we lived in England and had afternoon tea :-)
~Friday evening Luke and I had a little date night...the first one (with just the two of us) in a really long time! We went out to dinner. Luke let me pick the restaurant, and I've been in the mood for Mexican for weeks, so we ate at Don Panchos. Yum. I seriously wasn't hungry again until Saturday night :-P After that, we went to Kohls again. Luke found the coolest shirt! Pictured below. But sadly, he did not buy it. When we got home, we watched Bridesmaids which was actually really hilarious.

~On Saturday morning it was rainy and in the lower 4os, but I headed out to the park and helped take pictures of the runners in my church's 5k. I can't believe how many people ran despite the weather! It inspired me to start running. Maybe. someday.
Found this little guy during some down time

~Call me crazy, but I sort of loved the weather on Saturday. After the 5k, I came home and got in my biggest, warmest hoodie, lit my pumpkin candles, crawled under a big blanket, and sipped some hot cocoa. I forgot about my homework for the day. I took a nap, I watched The Food Network to my heart's content, and then I finally got caught up on {most of} my laundry and cleaning. Luke stayed home too and watched football. It was a lazy, cold, rainy Saturday and I think it was just what we needed. It was so relaxing!

That's it for last week! It was kind of a mellow week. We stayed in a lot due to the weather. And it was so cozy!

Next week I don't have a whole lot going on either, besides 2 huge tests and a quiz which will probably take up a huge chunk of my time! I'm looking forward to having those behind me!

And can I just the heck is it October?! And the semester's halfway over?!?! Crazy.


  1. I love those sorts of days too! :) They are God's gift to the busy couple. :)

  2. Cuddling up under a blanket is the best way to spend a chilly Fall day!

  3. That tshirt is too funny! And I watched Bridesmaids on Saturday night too! But it sounds like you had the perfect most relaxing day after the 5K! Yay for the semester being half over!!!! :D


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