Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Day Trip

I mentioned briefly in my "Week in Review" post that Luke and I spontaneously headed down to Columbus for the Ohio State game on Saturday. Luke somehow scored some great tickets online on Friday, so we couldn't pass them up.

I woke up at 5:00AM on Saturday, and we were on the road by 6:00. Way too early for a Saturday! But I guess for an Ohio State game, I can make an exception. We got there around 9, and the place was already teeming with people.We headed to the Skull Session first, as we always do. It is basically a pep rally where the Ohio State Marching Band plays, the team walks through, Jim Tressel gives a little pep talk, the visiting band plays, and they invite a high school band to play each week, too. The Ohio State Band is basically my favorite part of the game, so I always love the Skull Session!
The high school band played Poker Face! I got a kick out of this, because {little-known fact about me} I love Lady Gaga's music. Although I do not like Lady Gaga.

After the Skull Session, it was time to walk to the stadium! I always love seeing it get bigger and bigger in the distance. It's so huge!We were eight rows from the field close to the end zone. I had never been so close before, and it was great! Although I did miss being able to see the band do script Ohio. You can't see it very well from that close to the ground! But it was fun to be that close to the players, band members, and Jim Tressel!The game itself wasn't the most exciting one ever. We were playing Ohio University, which is just a little school. So Ohio State won pretty easily, and some of the second team players got to play for most of the game, too.The halftime show was amazing! This week, the band did a cartoon songs halftime show. They did songs from The Jetson's, The Flinstones, Scooby Doo, The Simpsons, Bugs Bunny, etc. They made all kinds of formations, from Fred Flinstone's face, to an anvil, to the words "That's All, Folks!" And lots more. They even had a little Flinstone car and "The Mystery Machine" from Scooby Doo drive out during the show. It was too cute, and I loved hearing all those songs from the classic cartoons!
After the third quarter, Luke and I decided we were tired, hot, thirsty, and oh, so hungry. So we skipped out early, something I never thought Luke would do! But it really wasn't much of a game, and I think Ohio State was up by 36 or so when we left.

The only bad part of the game was the fact that I got the worst sunburn of the year there, I'm afraid. The forecast had called for a mostly cloudy sky. Well, as you can see, that was absolutely not what happened. So I look like a lobster now.
Not a cloud in sight...

We stopped at Raising Cane's before we left Columbus for some chicken fingers. I refused to spend my money on overpriced food at the stadium, so I was starving! It had been about 10 hours since I had eaten my piece of toast for breakfast. So I ate a huge dinner, and then fell asleep almost the whole way home. Poor Luke, I don't know how he stayed awake that whole time to drive!
It is always a fun time going to the Ohio State games. I know this is probably something we will do once every year or two for as long as we are able. I found myself looking at all the families with little kids, knowing that that will be us in a few years!

Oh, and I got a new favorite picture of the two of us while we were there, too!


  1. Ahhhh! Looks SO fun! Glad you had a nice weekend!! :-)

  2. How fun! Derek and I actually went to a college football game this weekend too - great minds think alike! He got our tickets online for about half of what we would have paid, so we decided to go. That's a cool idea of the band to play songs from cartoons! I like that!


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