Friday, September 10, 2010

Beautiful Movies: You've Got Mail

I fell in love with You've Got Mail when I was at a very awkward point in my life: my early teens. I wanted nothing more than to fast forward my life to a time when I'd feel comfortable in my own skin. During this awkward stage in my life, I watched this movie so many times, I almost memorized every line. I got wrapped up in Meg Ryan's character, Kathleen Kelly. I wanted to be her someday. And I still do! Ha! Anyway, this movie was a comfort to me during one of the most uncomfortable times in my life, and when I watch it now, all the warm, fuzzy feelings that I would get when I watched it back then come back.

Tonight I watched the movie for the first time in years, and I forgot how absolutely beautiful it is! From the music to the dialogue to the scenery, in my opinion, this movie is absolutely flawless.

The thing that I love the most in the movie, visually at least, is Kathleen's bookstore, Shop Around the Corner.
I have always been a bookworm. I love simply being in a library because it makes me so happy just to be around all those books. So obviously I really love this absolutely adorable bookstore in the movie. In a perfect world, I would work in a place like this, just like Kathleen Kelly. See? I still want to be her!

The next beautiful thing in the movie that I practically drool over, is Kathleen's apartment. This movie is pretty timeless, because it is 12 years old, and I would still love for my house to look just like her apartment.
Love, love, LOVE that headboard and all the neutral colors:
And how cute is the kitchen floor?
But my favorite part of her apartment? THIS:
I love it. I would love to have a blogging/writing space like this!

The other thing I love visually in this movie is, umm, everything else...? I just love it all. There is not one ugly shot in this film. Here are some of my favorite scenes...I couldn't find pictures for all of them, but if you've seen it, I'm sure you can picture them in your mind:

1. The little carnival where Joe takes his Aunt Annabelle and his little brother, Matt.

2. Joe's apartment. It's almost as nicely decorated as Kathleen's.

3. The grocery store where Kathleen is trying to avoid Joe. I couldn't find a picture of it, but I did find a picture of the cashier...if you watch Grey's Anatomy, you will recognize her as Callie Torres.
4. The scene where Kathleen is decorating her Christmas tree. I usually cry at this part when she talks about her mom.

5.The Cafe Lalo scene, where Kathleen is waiting to meet "NY152" for the first time, with the book Pride and Prejudice and a crimson rose.

6. New York in the fall.

7. New York in the spring.

8. Joe's boat

9. The outdoor market that Joe and Kathleen visit together toward the end of the movie.

10. The hot dog shop that Joe and Kathleen visit right before the last scene. they're standing by a big window that says "We're Talking" and for some reason I think it's so adorable. I wish I had found a picture of it!

11. The last scene in the park surrounded by so many flowers. I cry every time during this scene when Kathleen starts to cry and says [spoiler alert], "I wanted it to be you. I wanted it to be you so badly!"
This just has to be the best chick flick ever made. The best word I can think of to describe it is "charming." Everything about this movie is completely charming. This is one movie that I can watch over and over, and never get sick of it.

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  1. I dream about the bookstore in this movie! I just adore it!

  2. I"m a huge YGM fan too. I also used this song and a reference to the movie on a September post on my blog MAY DAYS too! Was just in NYC and stopped by all the locations. great!

  3. Hi this is one of the movies my ex-husband and I loved, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks were our favorites. Unfortunately he did not share the same christian beliefs as your husband, we went on a mission trip, we were very involved in church, I had a full time job, but that wasn't even enough for him. He felt I wasn't career oriented enough so he found someone or two, better. WOW-I never saw that coming. So now we are divorced because he just didn't like me. ~I do have a point though. lol. How could two people who love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movies (especially Joe vs. the Volcano) end up divorced??? I wish my life was like your life..or like the movies. We loved Rebecca and other classic movies too, weird, guess I didn't know him at all.


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