Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Doctors...

I had a doctor's appointment today. Going to any type of doctor's office is not an enjoyable experience for me. I get very nervous and uptight every time I go, even if it's just for a routine check up.

I think this nervousness somehow induces emotional hypersensitivity in me, as well. I think it has something to do with the fact that I know the doctor has gone to school for a zillion years, and is a lot smarter than me. It's intimidating.

I had never seen the doctor who saw me today. She was a very nice lady. But I could tell that her time was valuable to her, and she seemed to be in a huge rush. She talked so quickly, I got very confused. When she was done speaking to me, she asked if I had any questions. I hadn't even had time to process what she had said, so my mind went completely blank, and no questions would form. I left feeling so confused and short-changed.

And that's not the worst part. While I was there, she made several flippant comments that hurt my feelings very badly. She wasn't trying to be rude, and most people probably wouldn't have been bothered by what she said. But I'm a sensitive person already, and in that situation, her words really got to me.

Anyway, long story short, I cried the entire way home. And it was a 45-minute drive. Ugh. And 4 hours later, I'm still feeling really down.

Am I the only one who has a hard time dealing with most doctors? It's not that I have a thing against all doctors, it's just that I haven't found many that I really like.

The doctor certainly wasn't aware that she had hurt my feelings, and she definitely wasn't overly mean. But I'm finding myself wanting to find a new doctor who I click with a little better, and who will be willing to give me the time of day.

Does anyone else feel intimidated and even stupid around doctors? Or am I just being way too oversensitive??

Sorry, this was kind of a vent post.


  1. Vent posts are good!! I can see how you were sensitive to this situation... Anytime someone seems over-rushed makes me feel uneasy. I am sorry you cried the whole way home! I am hoping you find a great doctor near by. Could you ask friends/family around you for some reccomendations?? Thanks for sharing your feelings!

  2. Oh, I'm sorry, Jess! How frustrating. I definitely feel a little trampled on when I get a doctor like the one you described. I am definitely a question-asker at the doctor's office, but I feel like it annoys some doctors. But that shouldn't be the case - they are there to answer my questions! I hate it when they are in such a hurry, because then they don't explain things very well, and when they rush so much I either can't think of the questions I wanted to ask, or I don't get a chance to ask them! And I've definitely had those doctors that act like my concerns or questions are stupid.

    There is this one doctor at my OB office who I just love. She explains everything really thoroughly, she never rushes me, and she takes my concerns seriously. She treats me like I'm the most important patient there, and she has lots of patience with my questions, and she never acts like my questions are annoying or dumb. She usually asks several times if I have any questions too! That's how doctors are supposed to be, and the good ones like that are out there. You just have to hunt for them a little bit!

    You shouldn't let the rude doctors intimidate you though, because you are their customer! Their business is to make you feel comfortable, listen to you, and answer your questions while recommending appropriate treatment. They need to give you the time you need, they need to take you seriously, they shouldn't talk to you in a way that makes you feel stupid. If they want your business, they need to treat you a little better than that, and there is absolutely nothing saying that you can't find another doctor who you like better - I think sometimes they forget that, but don't you forget it! When you remember that you are THEIR customer, and THEY need YOUR BUSINESS, it can give you the little oomph of bravery you need to speak up! It works for me anyway!

  3. I am like that with Doctors too..even though I use to work for one. I just hate being the patient. Since we moved after we got married I had to find a new doctor and tried one a nurse friend recommended. Uh, was a horrible experience. The Dr. used latex gloves on me and I'm allergic. I turned red and all that jazz and she never even said anything or asked if I was okay. And that wasn't the only bad experience I had in that office. Needless to say, I won't be going back.

    I blank out when people ask me if I have questions too. Something I have found helpful is to write a list of questions before I head out so when I forget I can just read them. ;)

  4. I hate going to the Dr. too! Sorry about your bad experience. You should definitely look for a new one - not all of them are like that. I would ask around to your family and friends for recommendations. And try not to take it too personal - I know it's hard but if you had that experience than chances are a lot of her patients are feeling the same way. Sounds like her bedside manner could use some work.

  5. Ohhh you poor dear! I completely understand! I went to a new doctor on Tuesday and even though my husband went with me, the whole thing was weird, awkward, and whenever I said anything she would jump all over it and make it sound like I was some psycho! And she talked really fast and babbled to the point that half the time we had NO clue what she was even talking about. Yeah, it was strange.

    If you're going to the doctor for something specific, sometimes it helps to write your questions down ahead of time so you don't forget while you're there. I totally blank out otherwise! :)

  6. I get the same around docs! I do not like them at all! Most of my experiences have been like this actually. I'm so sorry she hurt your feelings. You don't deserve that.

  7. I still hate going to the doctors even though I'm a nurse and am around them all the time. I haven't found many that I actually really liked. It's sad to say that about our health providers but the truth is that they do have a ton of pts and they're trying to get done assisting all of them so they could go to their lives as well. It sucks but it's the truth. I hope you find someone you really click with. I'm actually really excited about moving soon so I can have a diff doc for my baby :-) I feel your pain


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